Growing Islamic Extremism In Latin America

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OldDude49, Mar 30, 2017.

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    There is always a Boogieman under the Bed, or in the closet...
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    Gotta wonder why they aren't trying to populate and take over (par ex.) the weak economic situation in Argentina. And, considering the reputation the Federales used to have in Mexico, I am not surprised they are avoiding Mexico for the time being (other than as a highway.)
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    I would rather go to Trinidad than Afghanistan. A change of deployment scenery would be nice.
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    I do know there are some places that aren't as well known that we support against Islamic extremism such as the Philippines. Also, here in America what we think might be a serious problem in other countries is simply an inconvenience or Standard Operating Procedure. For example, I've been and/or lived in a few countries much, much smaller and poorer than America but any problem such as this is dealt with directly and immediately - meaning - they pick them up and put two in their head, after interrogation of course. No courts, no news reporters, no problem. Problem solved. And, it sends a clear message... You might hear on the news that they picked up a cell or a group but that is it and nothing more is ever heard. I know it sounds harsh but, in truth, I felt safer against terrorists in those third-world countries than here in the states. In the West, the terrorists use our own laws against us and to their benefit. Sad but true...
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