growing veggies from sprouts

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by flavapor, Sep 26, 2010.

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    I want to know, when you get a potato that has spurs of growth, or an onion or garlic that sprouts a shoot, do you bury the entire new growth, or put the growth part in the ground or above the ground.

    I have always bought a plant and put it in the ground, but I would like to start learning how to grow food from food. Also would like to know, if you wanted to grow a tomato, would you dry out the seeds than plant, or what?
  2. RightHand

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    Cut the potato into small sections, each section must include an "eye." Air dry the sections for a day then plant in loose, rich soil, eye up.

    For onions, cut a slice off the bottom of the onion. Lay into a pot of loose, rich soil. but not cover with soil. As the roots form, transplant.

    Garlic is easy - just press a plump clove into loose, rich soil and it will grow.

    Remember, if you are using veggies from the supermarket to start your first crop, they may have been irradiated which can inhibit growth. Best to buy some fresh from a farm or local farm stand to begin your crops.
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    Thank you righthand
  4. RightHand

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    Forgot to mention, for the onion, lie bottom down in the soil - the raw side should be on top.

    Also, some people start the potatoes in a small amount of water til the root start. I've never had good luck with that method but some swear by it.
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    You can grow carrot tops like that. After you cut them up, don't throw away the top. Plant them, and they will sprout right up. They don't like a lot of water at first. Also, cover so the fruit flies don't get 'em.
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