GS dumps 250Mill of BPstock before"accident"

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  1. Tango3

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    Sorry thats MILLION with an "M"" not billion with "b".
    Yes thepowers that be you love to hate Goldman sachs held 44%of BPs stock and conveniently dumped it in the first quarterof 2010(before the accident in the gulf).

    Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill | Raw Story

    I'm not implying anything:"yet" :rolleyes:but there seems to be a tinfoil machine spooling up in this general direction on the net.can you say "SEED VAULT"?.
  2. fortunateson

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    Probably coincidental.
    BUT there may be something else at play here.
    There's a theory that the PTB believe themselves to be our keepers - not for altruistic reasons but because they see themselves as good farmers. Keep the flock healthy until slaughter. If there's any truth to that then they're desperately trying to head off a coming Peak oil disaster.
    This sure is a good way to do it since Global Warming was revealed as a hoax.
    Now it'll be easy to deny offshore rights - push forward with wind and solar programs, etc.
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