Guerilla Grafting

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    I'm familiar with the concept of guerrilla gardening, but guerrilla grafting was a new one for me. It has potential for developing food resources in an urban environment.

    Guerrilla Grafting, a How-To Guide - Food News -
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    Interesting. My Grandpa and I used to graft different kinds of apples onto one tree to save space.

    Never thought about grafting onto ornamentals tho...
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    I often see fruit trees on the side of railway tracks, started from cores and kernels thrown from the windows of passing trains and trams. Some are prolific producers...others less so. Such finds offer possibilities for making such resources more productive, and as a resource that may be gleaned if times get tough, or one's property is too small to grow a large number or fruit trees, or large trees.
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    Very COOL!
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