Guess they didn't see Jurassic Park..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Redneck Rebel, Feb 21, 2012.

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    Russians resurrect 30,000-year-old frozen flower | Fox News

    Umm isn't that exactly the problem in the book/movie??
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    Imagine a saber tooth tiger... Hmmm
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    I am concerned that they will revive a highly invasive species that died out, has no natural predation any more, and has massive allergenic properties. Anaphylaxis is NOT fun. Death by pre-historic allergy does not sound like a good way to go ;) .
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    Or if that revived plant harbors a pathogen that ravages modern plants that have no resistance. Bye Bye crops....... [shtf]
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  5. Not sure how many people here are Bible believers, but its hard to have a 30,000 year old plant on a planet that is only 4,000 years old as far as the Bible goes... Still I think your right they are messing with things that should be left alone....
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    Haha! First thing my son said to me when he spotted this on TV...Oh my gosh, we are going to be swallowed up by dinosaurs before we know it.

    It is a thrilling thing though, to see that flower. I hope the scientists will be able to control themselves when foolin' around with Mother Nature but as they say where I come from - I hae ma doots!

    What an incredible world we live in....I just wish we could use all our knowledge and science to improve the planet and the lives of its inhabitants...why does it so often seem to go the other way though?
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    A 30K year old plant is not incompatible with the Bible

    A 30K year old plant is not incompatible with the's all a matter of (Biblical) interpretation.

    Your statement rests on the presumption that the scriptures are literally true (as opposed to metaphorically true) in their entirety, and that the scriptures are inerrant. They are claims of faith, rather than claims of fact(Christian apologetics notwithstanding)...the evidence points to a planet...indeed a universe that is more than 4,000 years old. It is entirely plausible for there to be a plant 30,000 years old when, all things considered, much of the scriptures are clearly metaphor and mythology. Just Sayin.

    For those who are having problems reconciling 30,000 year old plants with the scriptures, ought consider that the claim that the earth is not more than 4,000 years is a particular interpretation of the New and Old Testaments, estimated (among other things) by calculating the recorded ages of all of the generations from Adam and eve until the present, based on the stated ages of each of the bible's cast of characters. It is a relatively modern notion, based on Ussher's / Lightfoot's calculations based on information inferences drawn from references in the New and Old Testaments. There are of course different interpretations of the Biblical scriptures that arrive at quite a diametrical conclusion...viz that The earth is very old, and that the creation took place over a very much longer time span.

    Ussher chronology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Young Earth creationism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Old Earth creationism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There are risks and benefits to most kinds of research. It's probably a case of finding a prudent balance between the two. It would have to be clearly demonstrated what benefits, if any, might accrue, together with a thorough risk analysis and risk management plan before such research is given the go ahead....whatever is discovered....I'll bet my nuts that bio tech companies are going to try and patent the genetic information discovered.
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    one of the big things you have to think about when dating the world. there is no set amount of time that adam and eve spent in the garden.
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    and your GODs time may not be the same as our TIME.... ..... YMMV....
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  10. no harm intended by the post ... all biblical things aside (My views may differ from others.) They are messing with things that should be well left alone.
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    Just my [2c]. Adam and Eve were pure, without sin and without decay, illness, or death until the original sin. Their punishment was then to experience pain, toil, oil age, disease, and death. While they still had an allotted span much longer than we do today, much like Methuselah, up until the fall of man they were immortal. The amount of time God measures as a "day" could well be measured in billions of years. Going back to the very beginning of Genesis and reading it very carefully you will find that it follows the "scientific" view of the "Big Bang" (In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth (big bang to the cooling of the planetary masses). Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep (scientists claim the earth was shrouded in clouds and rain continuously fell, blocking the light of the new sun and the stars covering the earth with water), and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.) through the development of the planet, and life in stages (separation of the dry land from water, dissipation of the clouds, plants first then life arises in the seas first, then land and air, with divergence of the species, then finally man) on Earth. It never ceases to amaze me that these very stages are the ones scientists stridently claim as the way it all developed.

    It sounds like apologetics. To me, it is just plain logical. Even physics supports an outside force acting on all matter to create the "Big Bang" (scientists claim that all matter in the universe was gathered in one place and you cannot create matter or energy from nothing, and it all just suddenly exploded with no outside force acting upon it? This is impossible based on the way we understand physics. There had to be an outside force acting on the gathered matter to create the reaction known as the "Big Bang"). Moses, the "assumed" author of Genesis, even though he was educated in the most technologically advanced civilization on Earth at the time, Egypt, recorded the precise order of creation and modern science supports that order. How could bronze age man have known and understand this? He was told by the Creator, and he recorded it.

    Be that as it may, man has no place mucking about with things that have passed into the mists of antiquity. It passed into the mists for a reason. We have far too little understanding of the majority of species on this planet, let alone a species that has been gone for umpteen thousand years. JMO, YMMV.
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    I like those little white flowers'...
    But i blame Canada
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