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    A truly amazing document, that all too often has been ignored and subverted. Mainly because it seems most people do not know or understand their own rights and responsibilities under the Constitution. Let alone the basics of how our system works within that framework.
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    And needless to say no longer taught in the school system.
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    It then becomes incumbent upon parents to teach their children about the freedoms the Constitution affords each and every American Citizen, lest those freedoms be lost.

    Parents need to be involved in their school and have input as to the curriculum. Parents need to educate themselves if they do not have the knowledge necessary to teach their children about our nation's history. I know immigrants who came to this country with their parents who are more knowledgeable of America's history and the Constitution than those born here and educated in the public school system. That, is a disgrace!!
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    Wham my daughter was in high school. I won't go into full detail , to long of a story , but bottom line is , the teachers , principals , and staff were a complete bunch of morons. They treated me like a 3rd class citizen , and like I had no rights over my child while she was at their school. After a heated argument with principal one day, he got smart mouthed , I said , stay put, I'll be there in 20 minutes. Luckily for me , he chickened out and left the grounds for the day. I made an appointment with him , he failed to show. The school had my daughter in 2 similar classes , that was a waste of her time, one counselor said we could change the schedule in 2 weeks . 2 weeks came , and they refused to change the schedule. Another case of lazy faculty.
    To respond to Dunerunners post , I don't think this school would accept any suggestions , outside of their own ideas , on their curriculum.
    That was the problem. The solution , took her out of school, and she finished by homeschooling.
    So Dunerunners is right , it is up the parents to teach your kids some of the basic history of our country, because these schools aren't doing it.
    One year my daughter was in school, in her history class , her and 2 other girls had to make up some kind of African dance. I asked my daughter if she knew what Pearl Harbor was ? She said it was that movie that just came out. You remember. I asked her to ask her teacher the next day when she was going to teach some American history , her answer was, " There's white people in Africa to " . Now what the hell , in that question , brought in race ?
    These schools are not the schools we went to , not anymore.
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    I think this is how most parents are treated by their public schools faculty members. In truth, I wonder how much rights one has besides removing one's child from the school. How's that work anyway if you remove your child? Do you still have to pay taxes that go to the schools? I am paying taxes to 3 different schools and have no kids, don't seem fair to me, and certainly not fair if I cannot have any input to the school's administration or curriculum.

    OH! Before I forget! Next time some teacher starts with that mumbo-jumbo about African dance crap ask her/him "Where is the Irish dance?" since 11%+ of Americans are of Irish ancestry and is the second-most common ancestry among Americans, falling just behind German. Yeah, being of Irish decent, I want my dance too! Yeah, I can play that game as well as they can...
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    This is good study material and I passed it to the wife. She will make good use of it. She will be going for American citizenship soon; she's sort of freaked about it. It's a hell'va document that not only changed America but the entire world. I am not saying there isn't some things I would change, because there are, but for the most part it has stood the test of time and all attempts by self-serving, power hungry, corrupt politicians to weaken or destroy it. I am not sure how and I know that they find ways around the laws they wish to bypass but all-in-all it has served this country well. I would like to see it modernized to eliminate some of the loopholes and abuses but I fear more those that would perform the editing than I fear the current abuses, and of course, once it is amended then every special interest will want to change it to favor themselves so better to leave well enough alone. And, when this country finally does fall and a new one comes forth they will have a damn good templet to use to start writing a new and better Constitution.
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    When i had children in Public Schools, i had it a POINT, to introduce myself to the Principal, of each of my children's schools, and always in a one on one visit... In each of these meetings, i would tell them what i expected from them, and that i would accept absolutely NO BS, with my childrens Education.. They also were told if Disipline was required i would back them, and I would make sure, there would be No Repeated Problem. I let them know, if i had an issue with the schooling, i would be back PERSONALLY, and it would not be polite.. Only had issues twice, in all those years with two different Principals, and they were sure that they never wanted a repeat, of that experience... Never had a Disipline Issue, ever...
    When my oldest daughter was in 3rd Grade, during the first. week of school, each child in her class, had to tell what they did, over the summer. AlaskaChick got a call from the Principal, that day, requesting a Meeting with her & and her female teacher, after school. She seemed to. think. the issue was quite URGENT... When she got to the meeting, the two ladies told her that they really enjoyed our girls presence at school, but warned that she had a very Fanciful Imagination... Momma was a bit taken back, and asked. what the issue was? The teacher related that our daughter, had discribed an incident, where her mother had chased a Bear away for our cabin, with her 44 Magnum Pistol... AlaskaChick just started laughing, and stated flatly, that was actually the case, and she later dispatched that bear, and he is now a Rug... Their mouths dropped to the floor, and after they composed themselves, she related that we lived in Bush Alaska, every summer, and have Bears, Moose, Wolves, and other critters as neighbors... and she owned a “ Dirty Harry” 44 Magnum, and was quite proficent in its use... That ended the meeting, with a polite “ Well, Thank you for coming in, Mrs Gordon...”
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    I must have missed it, but I can't find the right to free health care in there...
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    It is right next to Welfare, Public Schools, a standing-full-time army, Foreign Aid, etc., etc., etc., so on and so forth...but I will make you a deal. Since we don't have health care let's stop all the other crap that is not in the Constitution and we'll call it even. Deal?

    I think the only thing I can think of that is truly in there is the Post Office but it has been a while since I read it... Are the military academies in there?
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    It's all these politicians are lawyers. They learn how to twist the meaning of words to fit their agendas. Remember ole Slick Willy Clinton back when he was being questioned about the Monica Lewinsky deal , he was asked a question, his response was , " It depends on what the definition of " IS " is.
    Sooner or later, these worms are going to start making changes to our Constitution, then we'll be in trouble. There will be no bounds then. I believe they were getting real close with these Snowflakes and SJW's of today. If the Hildabeast would have gotten in there , it would have been the continuation of what Obama had started. The beginning of the end.
    Just my opinion.
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    Oh... I think it would have been much, much worse. You got to remember that Obama was truly a green recruit in politics while she was an old veteran that knew where all the bodies were buried because she put half of them there. I honestly believe we would have went over the edge because I think she would have tried to appeal/amend the 2nd Amendment and continued on from there. I will tell you that I was totally petrified. I continued to freak out and run to town (about 30 miles away) to purchase more ammo and etc. every other day. I now got so much I'm ready for WW3 LOL!
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