Gulf spill a HOAX???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bnmb, Jul 30, 2010.

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    It is NOT a hoax. Whether you call it a spill, or leak, or whatever, the estimates of the amount of oil that got loose are very much subject to question. No one has made serious attempts to measure it even tho' the opportunity to insert a flow measuring device when the latest cap was installed came along. So in reality, we have no clue, and even tho' the most expert minds have been exercised, I personally believe there is less oil than the worst case scenarios predicted. Two significant errors, I believe; First, not putting in a flow measuring device when the opportunity came up, and second, using a dispersant of little known effect and possible toxicity. So far, I've seen nothing but hand wringing about Corexit(sp?); exactly zero from any credible source. If only the oil had been allowed to surface, collecting and measuring it would have be much easier.

    That said, it was and remains a truly gigantic economic and environmental mess, even if not as gigantic as the greenheads want us to think.
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    Looks like only time and history will tell...
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    Gulf Spill

    Nature is a wonderful thing and can take care of a lot of things man does to mess it up--seems as though no one can find the oil--could it be Mother Nature has scrubbed the water herself? Hummmm I live on the Gulf in Central Florida--we have seen no evidence of anything being effected by this spill except for BP and the government.
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    the corexit, made, by design, the oil sink. So it would appear that it's gone, to circle the globe in the currents and wash up at whim.
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    Indeed this is part of the reason, and on the gulf coast itself, the oil will be pushed across to the east coast by the loop current for the most part...however, as recent reports suggest, even that has not yet happened, but don't hold your breath too long. Who knows for sure? Maybe in a few more weeks, the beaches will suddenly be coated with black sludge.
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    Orange sludge - the corexit makes the oil appear orange. Had they NOT sprayed that UberToxic crap into the oil, we would have the thick black stuff floating - and could contain it and recover it.
    But - BP likely thought - "Out of sight, out of mind!"

    Until it washes up to wreck a nice stretch of beach somewhere. Like a monster from the Deep - you don't see it til it surfaces and attacks......

    Last I read there seem to be at least two huge 'plumes' some quarter mile beneath the surface, EAST of the spill site. Nobody can predict if and when or where they will surface to wreck havoc.
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    Trust me,B.P. know's the estimated flow rate x pressure x pipe size.All this was detailed in daily report's and estimate's from the driller's report and sent daily to Houston....
    Rember the Thunderhorse ? owned and operated by B.P.
    Production is maxed out at 250,000 bbl.per day w/40mmcf.of gas sold per day...
    They have a real good idea what this well flow rate's were.....
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