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    Cato Posted this in the shoutbox earlier today.
    Seattle Gun BuyBack Get’s JACKED! Turns Into a Damn Gun Show! LOL | Independence Declaration

    Seattle Gun BuyBack Get’s JACKED! Turns Into a Damn Gun Show! LOL

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    Police officers in Seattle, Washington held their first gun buyback program in 20 years this weekend, underneath interstate 5, and soon found that private gun collectors were working the large crowd as little makeshift gun shows began dotting the parking lot and sidewalks. Some even had “cash for guns” signs prominently displayed.

    Police stood in awe as gun enthusiasts and collectors waved wads of cash for the guns being held by those standing in line for the buyback program.
    People that had arrived to trade in their weapons for $100 or $200 BuyBack gift cards($100 for handguns, shotguns and rifles, and $200 for assault weapons) soon realized that gun collectors were there and paying top dollar for collectible firearms. So, as the line for the chump cards got longer and longer people began to jump ship and head over to the dealers.
    John Diaz, Seattles Police Chief, wasn’t pleased with the turn of events stating “I’d prefer they wouldn’t sell them,” but admitted it’s perfectly legal for private individuals to buy and sell guns, FOR NOW. Mayor Mike McGinn said at a news conference the private transactions are a loophole that needs to be closed. “There’s no background checks, and some (guns) could be exchanged on the streets that shouldn’t be in circulation.”
    But Schuyler Taylor, a previous gun retailer attending the event in hopes of buying weapons, asked “Why not offer them cash versus a gift card? I’m still taking the guns off the streets; they’re just going in my safe.”
    People were reportedly, at one point, jumping out of vehicles whilst sitting in traffic – making on the spot deals with the gun dealers.
    But the BuyBack wasn’t a bust. On the contrary – their $80,000 supply of gift cards didn’t last but 2 hours, and by 11:00 am they began attempting to issue IOU’s at which point the entire crowd responded by turning and marching toward the gun dealers, forcing the police officers to pack it up for the day.
    On one last note of hilarity, the Seattle Police department claims that they will check the buyback guns to see if any were previously stolen and, if so, try to return them to the rightful owners! LOL. Brilliant!
    In 1992, Seattle police collected more than 1,200 guns in a four-day buyback program.
    Now the only question is, when will the Seattle Police department stage the next gun show?

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    Guess where Imma gonna be later this year.
    Guns for Groceries Program

    Guns for Groceries Program

    Mayor Virg Bernero announces a gun buyback for the City of Lansing that aims to remove guns from the street and inspire community awareness and discussion about gun violence.

    "The new gun buyback initiative will save lives in the city and keep our community safe, especially our young people,” said Mayor Bernero. “The goal of this program is to reduce and prevent gun violence in our community and to create community dialogue and discussions as it relates to gun violence.”

    Mayor Bernero is asking the Lansing Community to partner with the city in funding the “Guns for Groceries” Program. The program will require $25,000 which will be funded strictly through donations. An initial fundraising goal of $10,000 has been set by the gun buyback program’s Aug. 1 launch date.

    "Although many details are still being finalized, the plan is to exchange a $100 gift card for groceries for each gun turned in. Guns will be taken by the Lansing Police Department and promptly destroyed.

    Donations which are tax deductible can be sent to:
    "Gun Buy-Back Program”
    Lansing Police Department
    ATTN: Accounting Services
    120 W. Michigan Ave. Lansing MI 48933

    Those with questions are encouraged to call Officer Bob Merritt at 517-483-4805.

    Further information and details about the gun buyback program will provided in the near future.
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    Nice, hopefully they will have one around here so I can do some shopping!
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    Detroit will probably have a couple this year. And yes, there are folks setting up the street from the churches with tables in parking lots.

    The cops typically run 'em out when someone in line says. 'The guys up the street said this ain't worth nutin'
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    Would also be nice here but it would be like an auction with the number of buyers.
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    I had always thought that I would love to go to one of the buy backs for this reason. But I doubt I'll ever live close enough to one. I guess there's good and bad to most things.
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    I know a couple of cops that travel far and wide to buy backs with a roll of $20s in their pockets . . . always lookin' for that .303 Enfield or something similar. They usually go in uniform too.
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    That's beautiful.
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    Nothing like using the color of authority to influence the sellers. Sounds like a legal issue with wearing your uniform while not on duty and way out of your jurisdiction.
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    I really like these programs since they do help get guns off the street, and as long as they are run respectfully, the benefits can be great. Besides, most of these people are either (a) criminals who stole the guns, or (b) stupid enough to trade them in and therefore useless anyway. I think the advantages are good, since the police will have more reasons to feel safer, and thus be less violent, and perhaps even feel like a part of the community instead of the harbingers of death. I LOVE the gun show transformation, and I am betting handguns aren't bartered or sold by good people without an FFL. Hopefully the police really will call people to return their stolen firearms...not betting on that, though.
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