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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by OldDude49, Dec 6, 2016.

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    Seems some things be goin on... has to do with expanding background checks to make it harder for private exchanges... IIRC it includes family members to family members as well... please call... is open to out of state folks as well...

    This was the closing item in yesterday’s Daily Digest but many of you felt it was so important it should have been the first item listed. So in case some of you fell asleep before getting to it last night, here it is again: GUN CONTROL ACTION ALERT!!! The Gov of Nevada has set up a hotline asking whether or not he should veto a proposed gun control bill….he has opened it up to out of state callers since it would impact everyone…Mayor Bloomberg has asked his minions to call in supporting the legislation we need to call in opposing it 775-684-5670 press #2 to ask for the veto…it takes 15 seconds…just make the call!! The hotline has caught the attention of both The Examiner and The Huffington Post, with each putting their on special spin on it. Meanwhile . . .…t-shall-be-first-edition/
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    dude, that story is from 2013.
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    What he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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    OOPS odd they just posted it on the truth about guns... perhaps there is a date error?
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    Huffington Post article dated 2013 as well, just sayin.....................
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    In Maine this year they tried (but failed) to implement universal background checks via refrendum.
    The antis from out of state spent 5 million.
    They ran advertising saying Maines lax gun laws cause crime in other states.
    Which we know is bs but their useful idiot focus groups reacted positively to it so that's what they run.
    They lay the guilt trip on saying it effects everone... if it will just save one life bla bla bla, bs bs bs.
  7. oil pan 4

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    The other issue is it appears their governor does or did not believe in the sovereignty of his own state.
    Why was he not tared and feathered?
  8. Legion489

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    "…Mayor Bloomberg has asked his minions to call in supporting"

    Just for fun I went through an old stack of USSA Today Propagandasheets and looked through the letters to the ed. I found 73 mentions of "Bloomberg", "Mayor Bloomsberg", etc. and 94 mentions of the "Koch Brothers".

    Of the 73 mentions of Bloomberg, ALL were favorable and NONE mentioned that Bloomberg was either a jew or a billionaire. NONE mentioned he was "trying to buy" or "inject his values" into local politics either.

    Of the 94 mentions of the Koch brothers (or "Brothers"), 3 were favorable, 91 were opposed to them. 86 mentioned or referred to them as "billionaires" or "the billionaire Koch Brothers", 84 of them mentioned that they were Christians and 61 of them accused them of "trying to buy" or "injecting" their money, values or some other nebulous idea "into local politics".

    I just found that interesting. Bloomberg can ask his minions to attack, or inject HIS "values", into local politics and that is OK, but if Christians or non-communists do it...?

    Of course everyone else is welcome to go through their local propaganda sheets and see what they come up with too. I just took a random pile of a national communist rag to get my results. I'm sure if I went through the two big regional, or the local, rags (all owned by the USSA Today) the results would be the same. I mean just look at the MSNBC (or ANY local NBC propaganda show) melt down on election night, the See BS melt down (what's the number Kenneth?), ABC melt down and try to tell me the propaganda shows are "unbiased".
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