Gun control: Cartridge ID law to take effect---California of course

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by stg58, May 18, 2013.

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    So do you suppose this would help track all those federally supplied guns than end up in Mexico? [own2]
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  2. Unfortunately in the case of Glock, you my be right. They may be a somewhat unique company in that they probably have a higher percentage of sales to government than any other major arms manufacturer.

    You also may be right insofar as the parent company may not give a squat about firearms rights of Americans, though they do care about money and where the rights angle doesn't hold weight, loss of sales might.

    Glock supposedly has approximately 65 percent of the domestic law enforcement market, but is that number really as big as we think it is, in comparison to civilian sales? I don't know, since I can't find any figures available from the company which shows the break-down of number of units delivered to civilians versus to government. However, I would bet you that their civilian sales numbers is nothing to sneeze at. I'd speculate that it's even quite substantial (due almost entirely to the astoundingly large U.S. civilian market).

    There are supposedly only approximately 4.5 - 5 million guns in government hands, according to the figures I've seen. Contrast that with the number of civilian owned guns (in the United states), which is 55 - 62+ times that amount. I think people tend to overestimate the size of the government market in contrast to the civilian market. Of course that's only a U.S. market analysis and the company sells to governments worldwide, but given how proportionally big the U.S. arms market is in comparison to the world gun market, I'm not fully convinced that just because they sell to governments worldwide that that implies that the domestic civilian market is a trivial part of their sales such that they can afford to not much care about it.

    Nonetheless, I'd always be interested in seeing figures if people have them. The numbers that are available from which we might draw a semi-reasonable inference tells me that Glock probably could not afford to lose the U.S. civilian market as a major customer as we are probably a much bigger customer than law enforcement.
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    If they can't read the big "made in China" on the full auto AKs down there, how the heck are they going to read a micro stamp :)
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    Personally I am 100% in favor of this law. The sooner the companies stop selling ANYTHING to these scum states, the sooner the intelligent will move out, the state government will get voted out or the state gov't will collapse under the stupidity. That goes for NY, Conn, Mass., Ill., etc. Conn just passed (april) the most repressive gun law in the nation. Nothing made by Colt, Mossberg, Stag, etc is legal there now. Will these companies roll over and spread 'em? Or will they move out? Why ANY gun company is in ANY of these states baffles me.
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    Well Kommiefornia just passed (by the House, goes to the Senate) a bill that would ban ALL lead bullets. Period. No lead ,22s, no military ammo, no lead hunting bullets, no lead bird shot, NOTHING! Again, I am 100% in favor of this. Hopefully no ammo companies will ship ANYTHING to the land of nuts and flakes (and Gov Moonbeam) so the sheeple will (hopefully, I'm not holding my breathe) start waking up when only the gang bangers and other criminals are freely shooting up the area and no one can do anything. Not that they could before of course...
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    @Legion489 I hope you are kidding. Remember CARB mandating stupid gas nozzles for gas cans for Kalifornication? They are throughout the United States now. They will say, what is good for Kommies is good for the rest of the nation.

    I say, once you begin clamping down on one class of people and they accept it .. it's only a little more push to say .. Hey, they are doing it in California .. why can't we do it here?

    Give 'em and inch and then they have a foot hold, look what happened to the Germans when the Allies got a foot hold on the mainland of europe.

    Not good, not good at all.
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    I had to like @Legion489 's post not for the idea of passing the laws, but for the cutting off of selling guns, ammo and accessory to those states. I would start with LE and not the citizens and make the departments go to retail stores and get what they need at our prices and availability. It would hit them hard when range qualifications and new ammo is suppose to be issued. Ron Barrett had the balls to tell Commiefornia LE to shove it and the other companies need to do the same.
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    We need to let all the ammo companies know they will not get our business if they sell lead ammo to LE in CA.

    And while we are at it, we need to let the people at Barnes know they need to only sell what civilians in CA can buy.
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