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    I would have added other tags like "gun culture" but I don't have permission.

    This article was linked on my friends Tommy Jordon, who became a Youtube sensation for shooting his daughters laptop with a 45.

    It was posted on written by Ben Peterson | Intercollegiate Review

    Gun Availability Isn’t Gun Culture | Intercollegiate Review

    From the article:

    A society where citizens maintain the right to bear arms must maintain a gun culture that instills the corresponding obligation to preserve life. The recent rise in mass shootings, and high levels of suicide by gun since the 1980s, suggest that as a nation we are failing at this. The Newtown episode resulted at least in part from such a failure; the shooter’s parents reared him in an environment with access to guns but did not ensure that he imbibed the respect for life that must correspond, or address his mental and emotional problems.....

    Since basic gun regulations are not working in our most violent cities, and are unlikely to prevent mass shootings, we have two broad options: (1) ditch the current interpretation of the Second Amendment, allowing state legislatures or even Congress to follow the United Kingdom and Europe, with extremely limited gun ownership; or (2) restore gun culture, rightly understood.

    This is my response on Tommy's FB page to reading this very good article.


    Tommy I agree good article but I disagree they way he throws out there the two choices of the UK /AU model vs Restoring the model we grew up in.

    He left out enforcing the current laws and the delicate challenge of keeping the mentally ill from getting access.

    Newtown and The Movie guys for sure should have been stopped sooner, but where to draw the line for vets returning from the battle field or some one who seeks temp help to cope for a wife, parent or child dying. We see the current admin trying this tactic with the elderly in our country.
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    How do you like the domestic abuse / gun rights forfeiture law enacted during the lying Slick Willy administration? I would not have minded this law had it been grandfathered in, but as written and subsquentially enforced in a very (non-rule of law) spotty way. It is an abomination of a law. Suppose you are a young mother of 3 whose husband comes home and verbally and physically abuses his wife. At some point in this marriage the wife snaps and slaps her husband, the melee causing him to fall down a flight of steps and break his wrist and collarbone. The police get involved and the wife spends the night in jail. The husband gets a restraining order and the wife is convicted of spousal abuse on a plea deal, pays a fine and time served, and is released. The couple divorce and due to a proper investigation, the wife gets custody of the kids. ex hubby racks up a couple dui's and finally kills himself and 2 other innocents in a head on collision. Zero tolerance black and white, one size fits all laws suck. We are humans after all, and all are flawed. 30 years have passed. New laws have been enacted. "spousal abuse grandma", has never ever laid a hand in anger on anyone again. Her free and clear house is now in a gang controlled neighborhood. She is on a small fixed income and can't afford to move. Her children will not let their children (her grandkids) visit grandma because of where she lives. Grandma, that evil violent bitch convicted of spousal abuse 30 years ago is not allowed to own a firearm of any type. Due to unexpected consequences she is a victim. She was gang raped and murdered, and her house burnt down 3 years after she tried to get her civil rights restored to own a firearm for protection in her home. Isn't the judicial system grand?
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    tacmotusn, have you actually seen a case where the WIFE went to jail? A guy I knew got punched in the face, repeatedly by his wife and HE called the police and HE went to jail because HIS face was bloody and black and blue but the wife's knuckles were torn up from hitting HIM. Every other case I know of the MAN went to jail no matter what he looked like or what the wife looked like. I am NOT saying it can't happen, just saying I never heard of it.
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    Yes, I have knowledge of Cases where wife was Jailed, Hubby got a Restraining Order. Wifey got out, and proceeded to Violate the Judicial Order, and went back to the GrayBar Hotel..... It DOES happen, and more often, in recent times...
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    actually one of the interesting stats for 2014 was that females were the aggressor 53% of the time in domestics. those were arrests!
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    That is because they are taught from the cradle to the grave, that men can't hit women. And if a man snaps and smacks her back, he should know better and is labeled as the problem.
    Ladies, if you want true equal Rights, you will need to stand and take it like a man. You attack a man, expect to get knocked down. You are NOT a protected species.

    I will NOT be someone's punching bag, ever.
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    Restraining order against wife. Sure I can see that can happening. She violated a court order, which is not the same however. In too many states that I am aware of, the law reads that for a domestic violence case, no matter what the man looks like, or what the woman looks like, the MAN goes to jail. Period. Just like too many states that have laws that state ONLY non-whites can be discriminated against, a White can NOT be discriminated against, especially by a non-white. Or the car that is hit from the back is always in the right and the car that hit them is always in the wrong, no matter what actually happened. As Kellory said, if they want equal rights, they need to BE EQUAL rights.
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    Well it may be biased where you live but where I live they take the person who is the most upset. to jail, Its about 50/50 male/female
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