Gun Culture Rooted In White Supremacy And Founding Fathers Genocidal

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mindgrinder, Jan 16, 2013.

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    Not the nasal metrosexual elitist aura and "trained speaker" body language.

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    That Idiot on the video doesn't realize we don't hate Blacks, Liberals, Illegal Immigrants, Feminists, Muslims, gays, intellectuals. We just think our constitution was well thought out, and there is a process for amending it as well. Ignoring the Law of the Land, and the Rule of Law is and should be a crime. If the afore mentioned groups don't agree or understand how the system works, they are either ignorant or stupid. One can be solved by education, the other in most cases in terminal. Seems to me, the problem is there are pockets of Unconstitutional activity in some major cities and even some entire states, that choose to ignore the rule of law and the law of the land, with impunity. Since they can do so there, they expect to be able to act lawlessly anywhere in the nation without negative consequences to them. Unfortunately this usually is not the case. Conversely, peoples who truly believe in the law of the land (the Constitution) and rule of law (everyone equal before the law) find themselves in conflict with local authorities in these cities and states when they expect to be able to comport themselves in a lawful constitutional manner. There is the entire rub.
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    Well said, tac.
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    Too bad reality is the opposite. Gun control started as a way to disarm black people.
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    Your post is a bit cryptic. Shall I assume you are responding to the video. We are aware that post 1865 Southern DEMOCRATS, feared repercussions by freed black slaves and enacted Jim Crow Laws that took decades and decades to strike down mostly with Federal Legislation aimed directly at 20 mostly southern states. Repercussions of which exist today with Federal Laws that only still apply to these 20 states. This is in violation of "rule of law" (equal protection under the law). THERE SHOULD BE NO FEDERAL LAW WHICH APPLIES IN ONE STATE, AND NOT ALL STATES !!!
    Just for the record, a Republican Freed the slaves, and a Democrat founded the KKK. Also there were a handfull of white activists who helped found the NAACP, and MLK believed in judging a humans character not their color.
    Now all that said, care to expound on your post so as to make your point and position a little more clear? .... Oh, one more point, "Gun Control" began in the latter half of the 1700's when British troops on Orders of jolly King George chose to try to disarm and enslave Colonists!
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    [finger][finger] [finger] [banplz] [finger] [finger] [finger]

    I think if I were a student there, I'd go to the dean and ask him to remove this piece of garbage from the campus. He quoted Michael Moore! Since when was that guy EVER considered a historian, or an educated expert in anything? One might as well take notes from Quinten Terintino if they want as much truth to the matter, or even their local "adult film" director would have the more knowledge than Moore.

    I took American history I and II in college, besides world history I and II, and I have to say that this guy is so off base I don't think he can find the stadium.

    One's opinion doesn't history make.
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    I don't take offense to this statement one bit, but it is based on myth. It may not be quite as "cut and dry" as stated, since one must be first armed in order to actually be disarmed. Another problem with the statement is the use of the term "gun control", which is a modern method deployed by a corrupt, corporate sponsored government. In the years following the civil war, blacks were licensed for quite a few things. They were not allowed to own guns --but tell us, if you just got finished enslaving a race of people, the first thing you're NOT going to do is hand them guns (despite the fact that blacks were armed and used in the war, in some cases to receive their own freedom). This can be a touchy subject, but I feel I have clarified the major points in a sensitive enough fashion.
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    I guess my post was cryptic. I was responding more to the subject of the thread and what I imagine the idiots in the video said (I can't watch it now). I wasn't replying to any posters here.

    A lot of dems like to talk about how gun control is to save lives or for the children like we have seen the last few weeks but in reality gun control has always been a means to disarm people or prevent them from being armed weather it was black folks or law abiding citizens that want nothing but to protect their families. Just ask any ex-KKK dem member.

    The links below refer to how gun control has been used to prevent blacks from owning a gun (AKA racist), I haven't read the whole page but they seem to provide some good points. Obviously gun control runs a lot deeper today but the only point is I am trying to make is gun control is bad.
    The Racist Roots of Gun Control
    Gun Control - A Relic of Racism

    In hindsight I think I sort of went off topic but like I said I was just irritated at what the people in the video probably said and I'm sure they made references to why they think gun control is important and so needed.
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    Works for me. So only Racists are for Gun Control. And inversely Only Open Minded Freedom loving Peoples are for Liberty for all, and Uninfringed Gun Ownership.
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    Exactly [shiz]

    LOL, sorry I couldn't resist when I saw that emoti.
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