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Firearms Manuals Gun Facts V4.2 (1.66 MB)

Discussion in 'Resource Discussions' started by survivalmonkey, Jul 10, 2012.

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    The goal of Gun Facts is to provide a quick reference guide for civil libertarians on gun control issues. Use Gun Facts when composing arguments for debates, letters to editors, email to your representatives, and statements to the media. The issue Gun Facts addresses is the lack of intellectual honesty by gun control advocates. Over many decades they have presented information to the media and the public that is at best inaccurate, and at worst fraudulent. Gun Facts is dedicated to debunking gun control myths and providing citable evidence.

    Common gun control myths are listed in the pages that follow. For each myth, one or more facts are presented to refute the gun control claim, and the source of the information is fully cited.

    Copyright information
    This work is the copyrighted property of Guy Smith, Alameda, California. All rights are reserved unless noted below.

    The PDF version of this document may be freely distributed providing the document is not altered and that the source is always cited. "Reasonable use" laws apply, which basically means you can use any small section of the work without my prior consent. Written excerpts may be distributed as long as the URL 'www.gunfacts.info' is identified as the location where the full document may be obtained.

    You are also allowed to print this document for your personal reference and/or for distribution without fee (i.e., you can’t charge money for copies of Gun Facts). This means if you want to print copies for the media, elected officials, etc. – you are free to do so. Any distribution in any format must include the entire work.

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