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    I just watched a couple hour speech by "Mark fron michigan" koernkefrom the early 90s about the "new world order "and how task forces are set up and training to get records and go house to house rounding up guns.I have a few that were handed down from dead relatives, the rest are all on paper somewhere. Does it make any senseto keep buying new if they'll be on 4473's? perhaps we should be buying hawkins rifles, pyrodex or ffgand fffgand flints and ball they aren't firearms are they? .54 cal "maxi-ball" and 110grains pyrodex will do the job and was quite accurate in the tc renegade i had once..
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    Mark is a great Patriot. He was railroaded by the .gov. He is due to be paroled in March. I'm looking forward to hearing his take on the state of the union today.

    There are a few legal ways to keep your weapons off the paper trail. One is to build an 80% kit. You can legally build one gun a year for your own personal use. You can build from a kit as long as it is no more than 80% completed. You have to do the last 20% of the work yourself.
    Several places sell the kits. They are mailed to your door. No papers.

    My favorite is a guy in Montana. KT Ordnance. he sells AR15 kits and 1911's. Plus a few others. The building isn't hard. I have built a .50 caliber, a 1919A1, and an FAL. My next project is one of KT's 1911's.

    Another way to fly under the radar is to buy from an individual in your state. At least in my state, a face to face requires no paper work. Tho some people want your ID in case they are ever questioned about the particular weapon. You can sell up to 50 firearms a year and be considered a private collector. Look in the papers and at gun shows for a "Private" sell.

    I just went there to get the link. He is not selling the kits right now due to a legal challenge. Don't know what that's about, will have to do some checking.
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    I've wondered about that. I think keeping an eye on the newspaper for "off the books" purchases would be a good idea.
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    .gov knows you have guns and they know some of them are likely not on record and they know that most of us will probably hide a few in holes in the ground but most won't. They'll just waltz right in and seach for them, figuring that a gun buried in a cache somewhere is a gun already taken out of the battle.
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    Hometown Communities at ARFCOM have links in the Forum for members selling within their propspective states. There always seem to be members wanting to sell FTF rather than hassle with shipping. Most gun forums seem to have members willing to do FTF transactions if their local laws allow it. Thought I'd mention ARFCOM since they have links within the State Community Forum just for Equipment Exchange in each individual state, saves on the search time.

    Craiglist is some areas is tolerant of guns advertised for sales on their site. You would have to check out your city and/or state to see if guns are being sold there w/o being deleted or having your account locked for advertising guns for sale.

    As mentioned check your local newspapers or other advertising media in your area.
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    (Mods can and should delete this post if the following is deemedt too subversive for an an open forum, don't believe it's illegal, but who can tell anymore...)

    We should start a nationwide effort to drive thousands of 12" pieces of dexion shelf steel vertically just under the surface of the ground. It won't make your cache unfindable but it'll add to the work load of using simple metal detectors immeasureably.....

    i'm getting pretty dang uncomfortable...reading some of this stuff...
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    Of course it won't stop gurhka merc's from holding a knife to your wifes' throat.
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    Sorry I'm fresh from viewing koernkes prediction of un takeover using foreign mercs...[sawgunner][flag]
    dirka dirka, dirka......dirka? (hand over your gunz????)[peep]OSB:shock::shock:
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