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    The holsters are all right hand and are new.
    Scroll all the way down, I've included some individual pics of the more interesting stuff.

    Left to Right.

    Don Hume Jit Slide for Colt Mustang, Gov't. and similar. $20.

    DeSantis Mini Scabbard for Colt Defender, SA EMP, Kimber Ultra etc. $30.

    BladeTech Klipt Ambi IWB for Colt Defender etc. $25.

    Row 2

    Don Hume H715M for KelTec P11 and similar $25

    Ruger/Triple K IWB for an LCR $30.

    DeSantis Inside Heat IWB for LCR, J Frames etc. $30.

    Ruger/Triple K for 7.5" Blackhawk/Super Blackhawk $50.

    Row 4

    Used Kytex single mag holder for a 1911 (I don't think I ever used it) $20.

    Used Safariland Universal Adjustable Paddle or Belt Loop Medium Semi Auto Holster. It fit an EAA CZ 75 compact clone and should fit similar pistols. $25.

    Used Triple K 1911 Double Mag Pouch. $20.

    High Noon Mister Softy for LCR, J Frame etc. $20.


    LCR Boot Grips (new) and the Long Grips are like new. Both of them have the Ruger Logo; and the Black G10 finger groove set that I finally settled on and carried for a few months. They're still in very nice shape.

    They come with grip screws. All Three for $50.

    Row 2

    New Pachmayr open back KL Frame Sq. Butt grips $25.

    Ahrends K Frame Sq. Butt Moradillo Finger Groove grips Sold
    Ahrends K Frame smooth Target Grips Sold

    Row 3

    Very nice condition Super Blackhawk grips. I have no idea which grip frame they fit. All I know is they fit mine. ;) $30.

    New full size 1/2 Checkered 1911 Alumagrips $45.

    New Pachmayr wrap around 1911 Grips. $25.


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