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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by VisuTrac, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. VisuTrac

    VisuTrac Ваша мать носит военные ботинки Site Supporter+++

    How do i convince my father in law that he should not own guns?

    Numb nuts wants to get a mosin-nagant 91/30, a pump 20 guage and a 9mm pocket pistol and a ccw.

    I'm not saying it not his right to own said weapons but OMG his past gun handling skills or lack there of have me nearly envying gunkid. I said nearly not quite but damn it's close.

    any suggetions?
  2. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    Tie him to a crossbeam in the barn. Show him guns. Every time you show him a gun, zap him with a 12V car battery - jumper cables with yellow sponges soaked in salt water to pass the best zap. Eventually Pavlovian training will kick in and every time he even thinks about a gun, he'll fall to the ground in a fetal position, twitching and soiling himself.
  3. larryinalabama

    larryinalabama Monkey++

    Hope yall dont live under the same roof
  4. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    That's harsh, Falc. Wifey might take it wrong too ---
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  5. VisuTrac

    VisuTrac Ваша мать носит военные ботинки Site Supporter+++

    Yep, FIL lost his house 2 yrs ago and has been living with us until he got back on his feet. Erm, I'm thinking he is with us until TEOTWAWKI or his EOTW.

    Wife also agrees that him coming here was not such a good plan. She said something about not wanting another kids and .. well ..

    this one just talks back, set in his ways and sleeps right under our bedroom.

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  6. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Maybe get him one of those Polish 6 shooters?
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  7. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    Based on the stories Visu passes our way, that man is DANGEROUS. Besides, I consider a stray shot in my backside or head "harsh".
  8. larryinalabama

    larryinalabama Monkey++

    How about a good "squart" gun from the dollar store, they look real.
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  9. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    You could maybe find one of the old masin-nagant put some hot loads in it and maybe change his mind. Didn't he shoot up your barn a few months ago or something? I know my freinds dad was about the same but wated one of the M-44 and he put some hot loads in it after about twenty rounds he took it home. Three years later it is still hanging above the door.
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  10. VisuTrac

    VisuTrac Ваша мать носит военные ботинки Site Supporter+++

    As a matter of fact this is indeed the same person that has:
    Shot 2 separate barns
    1 large planter (ceramic)
    1 window affixed to shed
    1 window ready to be installed on a green house
    1 power line
    1 poor mulberry tree that may not be long for this world as branches were removed along with bark and foliage without hitting raccoon 10 feet away.

    3 raccoons, 1 possum and 1 skunk with 23 rounds of 20 guage shot from #9 - #4

    Max distance for all shots taken has been less than 15 yards
  11. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    That would be right. About 20 rounds of Bulgarian 182 grain milsurp in a long afternoon is enough to send me home to rest up. Or, get him a Krag carbine and some 220 grainers, he'll quit in ten rounds. (I used to be nearly insensitive to recoil, but I've lost weight and interest in battering myself.)
  12. larryinalabama

    larryinalabama Monkey++

    You better move I mean bugout now with no fowarding address
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  13. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    I would require a credit card and security deposit. You could maybe load some 20 ga rounds and forget to put the shot that way when you shoot it you could give him credit.
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  14. Gunny Highway

    Gunny Highway Hard Work and Sacrifice blessed by God's Grace

    you could always let the guy buy the guns and ammo - swipe em, cahe em and dig em up when you run out ?
  15. Gunny Highway

    Gunny Highway Hard Work and Sacrifice blessed by God's Grace

    I'm just saying...LOL
  16. Cephus

    Cephus Monkey+++ Founding Member

    You really need to get him to stop closing his eyes when he shoots !!!!!!!!! LMAO
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  17. Opinionated

    Opinionated Monkey+

    Honesty is the best policy.

    Tell the guy he is unsafe and if he wants guns he can certainly have them. The day after he moves away.

    . . . or if you are feeling charitable, get him some professional training BEFORE he gets the guns. Give him a basic class for Christmas from a no nonsense instructor.
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  18. pmbug

    pmbug Golden Cockroach

    ^ Exactly what I was about to say. Your roof, your rules. Just be honest with the guy.
  19. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    Keep the electroshock training in mind for a fallback if he is adamant about owning guns and vehemently refuses to get some training.
  20. GrandpaDave

    GrandpaDave Monkey++

    Judging by his choice of weapons ... or should I say, uninformed choices on a budget...I'd go with the money issue... so lets try to put a real dollar amount to it...

    here in my state my CCW cost 500 for the classes plus at least that much again in permit fees and Lic. ... So lets say $1,000 bucks for that
    (before anyone goes ballistic over that cost keep in mind as a gun smith that repairs class III weapons I also have to carry the Class III lic... but he doesnt need to know that part, right?)

    Now lets look at a good qual 9mm If you can get him to believe the $1,400 price tag on a Kimber Ultra Carry go with that...
    slightly more reasonable would be the Springfield XDM at $625 ... Yes those are MSRP prices and not real world... we're going for the shock value... Something he may not want to do ....

    So lets move on ... A Saiga 20 ga runs in the $599 MSRP range...

    Not much we can do with the mosin-nagant... their known for their cheapness... usually selling for just under $200 bucks... feel free to bump that number up if you can get away with it... but lets go with that...

    Now lets total it up

    $200 for the rifle
    $600 for the shotgun
    $625 for the XDM
    $1000 for the CCW

    = $2,425.00

    "Two Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Five dollars...Without tax, ammo or training!"

    Here's the link to one of my suppliers... show him the link... it's for all the really high dollar toys... those we all want and can least afford maybe he'll get distracted
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