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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by jasonl6, Mar 28, 2011.

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    We have a local gun show coming up and I am looking to pick up an AK-47. I like the penetration of the 7.62X39 round better than that of the 223. I know some things about the AK but not enough to buy one comfortably. I know the milled receivers are better than stamped and that certain manufactures like Century have a bad rep. Can someone please post a "looks out for" list of things I should look out for (canted front site ect).

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    The AK was designed to have a stamped receiver. It is based on the German mp44 manufacturing concept which was revolutionary at the time. You need to watch Milled as apposed to cast they had some problems with the sand cast receivers on a number of different gun types.

    Most of the AK's work The current Yugoslavian and Romanian imports work. Norinco's were functional. The base bottom line is the Afghanies build ones that work by hand in a hut so the design is pretty bullet proof and hard to screw up.

    Watch the mag type there are some AK clones that take a special single stack mag you don't want those.They work but the mags are spendy.
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    I can recommend the romanian AKs from experience.
    One thing to keep in mind is that the classic wood butt stocks on these are very short... too short for me. But the synthetic stock Romanian AKs are about 2" longer, and therefore more comfortable for me. But I'm a big guy....

    The truth is all AKs sold in the US are built in America. It is against the law to ship in prebuilt AKs... so the parts are shipped in, like from Romania for example, then assembled in an American facility.
    The design is so basic, it is kind of hard to screw it up. But all I have experience with is the Romanian... which have been flawless.
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    I have seen several site with good prices. I prefer a cash deal so gunshow or private sale will come first. If i can't find anything there then I'll go the online route.

    Thanks for the info.

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    Just be wary of the really low priced deals. Some AK's will be a dead giveaway to their quality: when you charge the rifle, be certain the gas piston doesn't cause it to hang up. You can test this by charging it unloaded (several times) and letting go of the charging lever. If it hangs, chances are the piston doesn't line up correctly, which is not the end of the world, but it's your money. With some work, you can fix it yourself, but it might be best to start from square 1 and have a really good rifle you don't have to put effort and money into. Also weigh the accessories avenue: if it comes with a multi-position composite stock, a composite front rail, and/or mounts and is comparable to the same deal you can find on a standard AK + $75 and is in great working order, buy it. But, pay special attention to the barrel to see if it is chrome lined. If it isn't, the dealer should know it and it should be on the tag. A non chrome lined barrel will cost less, and it's up to you to decide if it's acceptable, although it will be best to get one with a chrome lined barrel (most are). As for brands, most are really good (for AK's), and Romies are generally a safe bet. Norinco's are hit and miss, but good ones do exist. I have seen some of their new line with polymer furniture and flip-down sights, and an overall high quality manufacturing. They generally cost a bit more, but it might be worth it. If you are more of a purist and prefer the traditional look, then you should have no problem finding what you need. Check the bore, ask if you can cycle it, weigh your options, and remember that NEW isn't always the only way to go but be wary of all used purchases. It's been sold or traded for a reason: but AK's are tough rifles.

    You could buy a standard AK and just make the upgrades yourself, but you should be familiar with the costs associated and the work involved. Some parts are easy to install, and there are a lot of crap accessories and mods out there, too. For instance, if you go with a cover plate mount/built-in mount to cover plate, keep in mind it will raise your point of view considerably and this will cause problems with a standard stock, forcing you to either use a stock with an adjustable cheek riser, or you could do the chin-weld type of firing -which sucks (the same applies to AR types of scope mounts on top of the carry handle). A side mount for the scope on the AK is a preferred method for a lot of users who use scopes, and just be wary of cheap imitations. I believe a Gen. 3 or 4 UTG side mount is fine, and will run about $50.
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    I just bought a new AK74 from a guy for $200.00 because he couldn't get it to function without failure to extract. Took the weapon home, cleaned the stiff cosmoline out of the bolt and it runs like champ. Amazing what a little house-keeping can accomplish.
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    I own 2 guns I bought cheap because of that! The world needs the ignorant after all!!! (in moderation)
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    Not Exactly.

    What is hanging you up is 922(r). Simply stated any firearm deemed non-sporting is required to be "US made" which was cajoled into no more than 10 foreign parts, which an AK has 16 countable parts according to the ABC boys. So importers bring them in sans pistol grip and narrow mag well able to accept only single stack mags and "convert" them and add US made "compliance parts."

    SO what this means is your Romanian WASR-10 is built in Romania, imported in a "sporter" configuration sans "evil features" like pistol grip, ability to physically take hi-cap mags, etc. Once here folks like Century add US made parts like the FCG (3), Pistol Grip (1), US made Mag (3) for a total of 7 US parts technically making it US made according to the BATFE.

    Same deal for the Siaga's that Arsenal USA is selling.

    Once upon a time before Clinton or Bush Sr. we could get factory Chinese AK's with all foreign parts able to accept hi-caps:(
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    Awesome deal:) Is it one of the TGI guns by ISD Bulgaria? Those are factory guns with Chrome barrels. I am still kicking myself for missing out on those. Such is the life of the poor.
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    The extractor isn't as big as the AK-47s. In time they can get icky from the coating on the ammunition and it will fill up under where it catches the rim. I use a dental pick to clean under there.
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    What if you own all three??
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    Stamped is fine. Milled are heavy and expensive. Not necessary.

    My Romanians function flawlessly but I get 12" groups from them...and I've heard of worse.

    Saigas do not come into the country in AK configuration, but as "sporters". That said, they're about the best quality you can find.
    Some US companies convert them to AK configuration (Red Jacket, Arsenal).

    I'm working on trading out my Romies for Saiga conversions, as I save the $ to do so.
    I'm going to go for Arsenal as I fear that Red Jacket's new found fame (Sons of Guns TV show) will put them into backlog and "fast and cheap" mode.
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    I'm not prying but what are you using it for? There are other guns that fire the 7.62 round that may be easier to buy quality.
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    Quantity has a quality all of it own....[beer]

    If you can not protect what you own, you won't own it long..
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    Especially with ammunition, food, and water. ;)
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