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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by ghrit, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. ghrit

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    This was at the Split Rock Lodge in Lake Harmony, PA. Prices are approximate:

    Dragunov - 1000
    AK 47 (Romy) - 500
    Enfield - 600 (This was cherry. Most were over 400 and mostly pretty well beat.)
    MN - from 110 to 450 (NOT a Finn, and not particularly nice)
    SKS - 400
    1022 - 400(used!)
    Winny 94 - all in the 400 range, no matter condition, except a really nice one at 800. (Urk)
    M1909 - 3000 radiator not included.

    Ammo was going fast in everything from 20 round boxes to case lots in all calibers. Bulgarian 7.62X54 was at 440 round for 90frns (up 15 bux in a year). Spam cans of M2 ball 192 round bandoleer spam cans was 95frns

    Most long arms were way high, but were selling well. Most AR types were in the 1000+frn range, even the used ones. M1 Garand, all in the 800 plus range. MNs were not moving at all. I saw 3 50 BMG one at 3000 the second at 3900. (Didn't get the price on the AR.)

    Handguns were moving, but not well. The mag vendors were raising prices to keep some on the tables.

    Some real good deals on flintlocks --

  2. Seacowboys

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    I went to a show in Mobile this morning; Monkeyman was there too. I notices that AR stripped receivers were up since the last show from $120.00 to $160.00 each and almost all other AR related stuff was proportionally increased. Spam-cans of 7.2 x 39 were $119.00 out the door (440 rds). No reloading stuff or parts and tons of people carrying new ARs that were not for sale but being tricked out.
  3. E.L.

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    Tom Gresham said on Guntalk last week that the AR-15 is the #1 selling rifle in the U.S., not just here lately either. The more AR-15's out there, the better.
  4. Tango3

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    from the fringe ats board:

    I live in Austin, Tx and this morning I went to the Saxet Gun Show which is held every third week. I have been going off and on for the past 10 years. This morning for the first time ever there was a line to get into the show of at least 200 people. Once inside I could see more rifle buying and ammo buying then I have seen in 10 years. I watch many people walking out with arm loads of guns and ammo.
  5. E.L.

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    Give em' hell Texas!!!!

    We'll meet you at the border you commie bastards.
  6. Quantrill

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    Same story around here, AR-15, SKS, AK, M1A, Mini 14/30 ect, ect going like hot cakes. Handguns are moving well but, nothing like semi auto rifles.

    Ammo? what ammo? Little to be found in calibers I care about, it's gone almost as soon as they get it. This goes for rifle, handgun, and even 12 gauge buckshot and slugs (I live in a rifle state, not a slug state, so it is not deer hunters buying it up). I have been having trouble getting cheap 7.62x39 and 9mm locally, but never 12ga buckshot or slugs.

    Oh well, I figure when the hysteria dies down and the sheeple return to complacency i'll be able to buy a nice ar-15 and plenty of ammo cheap. [coffee2]
  7. dragonfly

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    I Cannot find either slugs, 00buck, or even #4....
    Must be some sort of mass hysteria in Phoenix as well!
    Maybe it's time to turn mother's picture to the wall and ride out....
  8. dragonfly

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    Oh JOY!
    I just learned today that my favorite "J&G sales" in Prescott, Az. is now completely out of SKS's!
    They even say there is now a 10-14 day shipping backlog!
    Not good.
    Appears that more than just a FEW people are buying everything they can find!
    I saw an ad for SKS's for over $400, and M-N's for $300 and up!
    Those were the "standard" grades!
  9. Byte

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    Yeah I was at the Crossroads of the West show in Denver on Sat. Completely ridiculous. Entry is up from $7 to $10 and attendance at door opening was beyond insane.

    I was 'lucky' enough to get in and grab 1k .40 practice rounds...and all for only $273 (after tax)! Good freaking criminy! Last year it was $165.

    I need a new hobby...this one is out of control.

  10. toemag

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    Sorry to hear about the insanity that has hit the US market, but I would like to welcome you all to how we in Germany have been paying through the nose for everything for years, even though only qualified hunters and target shooters have permission to buy and own weapons and ammo.

    The prices are about what we have to pay, in €uro's not Dollars so we still pay more.

    An Oberland Arms M4 will cost you €2,050

    I won't even mention ammo price's, the largest retailer recently had a special on Wolf .223 rem, 1K for €139 most of my buddy's went and bought 2-4K of the stuff as training ammo, as I'd recently done an evaluation on the stuff and bought a box of the 55gr FMJ and the 55gr HP and the same in the 62gr and found that with the 80 rounds total I had 6 FTF problems and the accuracy of my Olympic arms AR15 went from MOA to glad to hold the diner plate size target at 100m, and dirtied the weapon like I have never experienced with any other ammo under 500 or so rounds. Needless to say I steered clear of the special offer, and am waiting for better offers in the future, I usually shoot the Federal or Remington 55gr ammo, clean accurate reliable and makes me feel good, and more importantly it shoot's moa which I demand. I'd like to get the DAG 55gr but at €504,90 for 990rnds I'll be avoiding that, although I once bought a box 30rnds and they even delivered decent results through my scoped mini 14 (prior to the changes in our laws that allowed us to own AR's).

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