Gun Violence

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seacowboys, Jan 10, 2011.

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    I read this phrase "Gun Violence" in the news too frequently for it to be an accident. If this is correct then I want to see headlines about baseball bat violence, automobile violence, hammer violence, knife violence, lug-wrench violence, and any other inanimate object that decides to commit a violent act on a person. If we just outlaw all these things that are commiting violent acts, wouldn't we all be safer? If there were laws against shoe-strings and other ropes, I might never hang anyone by their neck until dead.
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    Citizen No. 1938801984, please keep your hands at your sides. Do not move. Look straight ahead and breathe along with the tempo of the metronome and no one will get hurt. This is for your own safety and for that of your fellow citizens in line with you.
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    People have been fed so much crap they now they actually look forward to eating it... [dunno] keep the, dumb so they can be over run!!!
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    Of course it's an agenda................. It is all apart of an agenda since 1913, all of your big time people getting murdered to the fed. It is all agenda.
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    I think I would be safer in this world...... if you ban hands ;)

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    it is just playing into the hands of the gun haters and are gov,
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    LOL I love this movie [lolol]

    Police at door: "Sir, are you classified as human?"
    Bruce Willis: "Uh...negative, I am a meat popsicle."

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the whole logic behind gun control that people are so messed up that if they get a gun, they will start shooting left and right? I noticed in the 'discussions' about the Tuscon mass murder, the theory that if everyone had a gun, it'd be like the wild west was mentioned frequently. I just wonder if people are that messed up that they can't be trusted with guns, why aren't there more (shooting) murders? People who want to kill will find a way, period. Guns were brought up a few days ago talking to a neighbor, and they know that if they shoot someone trying to break into their house, they'll have to deal with the consequences. They don't *want* to shoot someone and hurt/kill another human being, they're just accepting of the fact that 'want to' won't mean anything if their home/family is threatened.
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