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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by monkeyman, Aug 11, 2006.

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    I went to work yesterday and found out that on Monday when I was off some kids across the stree got ahold of their folks .32 handgun and fired several shots out their window. One of them came through the front door of the store where I work sending glass shards to the far side of the store and cutting the face of one of the vendors there. The bullet hit an air vent by the back of the store and bounced off into the kitchen.

    Aside from a minor cut on the face of the vendor from glass shards from the door no one was hurt but it definatly makes it even more annoying that they tell us we are not supposed to carry at work even if we have our permit. The store is not posted for customers, but employees are not to carry. I could just as easily (or more so) see it being a teen you refuse to sell smokes or beer to shooting from the parking lot.

    Its not a high crime area by any strech of the imagination. Its a convenience store and in 14 years or more it has never been robbed but this incident dose serve as a reminder that there realy is no place you can assume you are safe.
  2. TailorMadeHell

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    That's a load off my mind. When I saw the name of the post, I thought you had gone postal at work. :D Seriously, glad nobody was really hurt. Could have been worse. Now for the real questions. What is being done with these kids for firing the gun and most importantly where are the parents and are they in jail yet? Inquiring minds want to know. Haha.
  3. E.L.

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    Be careful out there Monkeyman, glad to hear that there wasn't a bullet fired with your name on it. Take your Romy with you, and next time return fire.
  4. monkeyman

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    Now that would be fun, some one pops a shot and pull the Romi out from under the counter and dump a mag or 2 back their way. lol Unfortunatly they dont even want me to carry my Rossi .357 to work with just have to get a small snubi that can disapear in a pocket.

    From what I understand all the guns were confiscated from the house where the folks left 3 kids all under 14 home alone. The kids are in juvi for a couple weeks and heard something about the folks may face some kind of charges but not sure.

    Im not upsetthat the folks had the guns, that they were loaded, accessable to the kids or that the kids were home on their own. The part that gets me is they were to stupid to have taken the kids out and teach them to shoot, gun saftey and what a gun will do. I dont know the people but would bet a months pay this has not been done since if it had can damn near guarantee the kids wouldnt have been grabing the guns unless there was something/someone that realy needed to be shot.

    I know its been getting to me where everyone keeps going on about being shocked that the parents would leave guns where the kids could get to them. I grew up in a house where I could have put my hands to over a dozen loaded guns at anytime from pre school age on and by the time I was in my early teens kept a loaded gun beside my bed at all times and would have never considered shooting off a gun in town unless it was an extreem situation (self/home defense or similar) because I was trained in shooting and gun saftey from anout 2 years old rather than being told they were bad and stay awayfrom them. My 4 siblings all had the same acess to them and there was never a problem with it and in the past this was the norm and there werent the problems there are now with kids and guns.
  5. E.L.

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    Same here. I always had a couple of rifles and sometimes a shotgun(depending upon the season) behind the seat of my pickup in high school. Hell, even college too. I remember once at a A&M game when I was about 19, my cousing brought a bunch of friends in from New York and L.A. to watch the annual A&M/t.u. game. Right as I pulled up he bet them that I had at least three guns in my pickup. They all said "no way!" The first words out of his mouth as I got out were, "hey, what do you under and behind the seat?" Actually I had five (it was deer season after all), then he had me pull them out and show them to the city boys who thought that I was the coolest thing on the planet. Times sure have changed.
  6. TailorMadeHell

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    Same here. I could have grabbed various guns to use if I had need to, though I had been taught the ins and outs of using them. I knew what to shoot at and what not to shoot at. Though it is the same thing as cars. You have people who know them inside and out, then again you have people that think all you have to do is put gas in them and go. The parents of these kids need their butts beat. Owning a gun is not just something to load and shoot. You need to learn the safe use and handling of them.

    The parents of these kids were negligent in any and all regards to these weapons. They did not teach the children anything and they left them accessible where the children could get a hold of them. Those two elements lead to deaths that could have been avoided. If there was no free access to the guns, this wouldn't have happened. Also if they had been trained correctly then this would have been avoided. However the two combined could have been deadly.

    I am glad to see that those idiots may have lost all their guns. They and their children should be mandated to take a safety class before ever laying hands on so much as a popgun again.
  7. monkeyman

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    Personaly I go a LOT more toward teaching the kids to use them safely. I figure they are there all the time and know a lot more about the stuff in the house than most parents realize and no matter where you put them or how you lock them up sooner or later they are probably going to find the hidden key, figure out the combo to the safe etc and will deffinatly know where they are at if just hidden. I mean lets be honest, how many of us remember getting into dads playboy collection when he wasnt around or at the least checking out the collection at a friends and those were supposed to be hidden and put away too. So being sure they are kept away from the kids is a joke even at home let alone if they go to a friends house, but if they know how to handle them and have had the mystery of guns removed by fireing them then its not a problem.
  8. Seawolf1090

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    It all goes back to what the author William Johnstone calls "Root Cause" - basically home training! This is an example of lack of discipline and training by the parents. Like many of my generation, I grw up with access to the family guns. From about twelve on, all the shotguns and twentytwo rifles were in racks in my bedroom (unlocked, oh my!) and the ammo was in a cardboard box in my closet. A Liberal's worst nightmare scenario!
    And guess what? I never fired an errant shot, never hurt anybody. :unsure:

    They did hate it at work when we referred to the line of Supervisor's Offices as "Machinegun Row" . . . :sneaky:
  9. monkeyman

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    lol Yup I was the same way. The .357 S&W was what I always refered to as my 'teddy bear' from about 14 on and had acess to all the guns from the time I could reach them or climb to them and all guns were kept loaded at all times, never had a problem other than annoying a cop who came out one night when I was home alone and got threatening phone calls at 16 years old. He didnt like that I had guns all around the house and a shoulder holster on but then he proved he was more dangerous with them than most kids. Idiot muzzle swept me several times as he was jacking shells through a .30-30 lever gun to unload it and I had to show him how to unload the revolver.
  10. TailorMadeHell

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    Goes to show that more and more anti-gun idiots are becoming cops. They can't handle or hit crap with any firearm, much less a spitwad gun. With that said, If anyone ever muzzle swept one of mine, they would wind up on their ass. I don't care if it was a buddy waving an unloaded gun. You must treat all firearms as if they were loaded and you need to be aware that a lot of 'empty' firearms kill people. So when you go waving a firearm around without regard for the safety of the individuals in the room, then you will be posing a threat in my mind and will be called for quick defense. If you did it and I was not home, then you can be assured that your buddies would have to pick you up from the ground. Haul me off to jail or whatever, it just will not be done. If you cannot handle a firearm properly, whether you are a child or an adult, then you should not lay a finger on one. That's my thoughts on it.
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