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    Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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    I can’t for the life of me understand the fuss that is being made about the Supreme Court ruling on the DC pistol ban. At the beginning glimmers of hope were seen and eagerly grasped at. This was obviously wishful thinking set at Super Blinding Bright. Even if the Idiots In Charge did rule in favor of individuals they would use lawyer weasel words to dance around it anyway. The Powers That Be do as they wish and the only thing protest accomplishes is for them to either taser you, get the media to portray you as crazy or wait a short time and do what they had originally planned anyway. The Voice Of The People is the last consideration they are going to have. The only thing they care about is whitewashing everything for the upcoming circus so your bread goes down without indigestion.
    The Court dancing on the subject is all circus activity anyway. Off hand I can’t say why they started the whole thing since in the past they just ignored any legal challenge to their ban on the Bill Of Rights. Not that it really matters. They’ve already decided anyway. My guess is it is going to simply be the status quo. They might make minor cosmetic changes such as allowing guns but allowing the District to put such roadblocks in front of licensing that it becomes a de facto ban anyway. The fat cats occupying smoke filled rooms are not total idiots. They can see that an actually ban ( in general, not the DC one per se ) is unhealthy for them. Revolution is too messy and easily avoided. Instead of banning guns they just make them affordable only to the well off segment of the population, the one that follows the law to the letter because they are afraid of losing it all if their masters disapprove of their objections ( I was simply amazed at the hoops jumped through by California residents trying to own a battle rifle ). I imagine that shortly America will demonstrate how to have a Police State amongst an armed civilian populace. Of course in the end a revolution will start, once enough people start going hungry. That will be the only thing getting folks off their butts.
    Look at our gun control laws. Nothing is banned, it is merely moved beyond the finances of 95% of the population. Look at our ammunition taxes. Nothing is directly taxed at high rates such as the nineties when 1000% was threatened, but by using Federal Monopoly money to buy up the civilian supply and ship it over to Mesopotamia a sort of tax has been imposed. In effect, civilians will now own a lot less ammunition. You might own a fifty cal sniper rifle but the UN regional director won’t have to worry much about you turning his limo into Swiss cheese from a mile away. You’re out of ammo three weeks after The Troubles start. Clinton thought it was pretty slick of himself to ban Chinese firearm imports ( or was that Hillary’s idea? ) and deny the financially destitute militia the means of an assault rifle. He might not have seen the East European import possibility. And, really, the new guns are generally better and cost less than double of what they did fifteen years ago. Not bad at all considering the price inflation on everything else. Of course, that little loophole can easily be plugged just by banning the ammunition. No one is going to buy enough brass cased 7.62x39 to be an effective fighting force. Without steel cased ammo the SKS and AK will quickly cease to be much of a threat.
    See, you don’t ban the guns. You take away the magazines or ammunition. And, you don’t even “take them away”. You just make them so expensive almost no one will buy them. And those that do will be on someone’s radar and the 3 a.m. ninja raiding team will take care of them over a two month old delinquent tax bill or a snitch report about drugs or a file being mysteriously hacked and that person showing up on a sex offenders list. Then it becomes not about guns but about a scumbag getting his just desserts. The Sheeple go back to sleep and we “retain” our 2nd Amendment rights. The majority that violently protest ( as the media inquires why there is a fuss since, sure, the evil assault rifle has been banned from import but you can still own a hunting rifle, but no ones rights were violated ) will work singularly and with only modestly effective weapons. The type that is poor enough to fight back with nothing to lose is poor enough to win a battle and then lose the war. The best sniper around will not last long against air power. If he does, the civilian populace in general will rat him out eventually.
    Eventually our economic situation will get bad enough that the revolution will hit the streets. The only thing that will motivate the average Joe will be hitting him where it hurts. You could predict that gasoline carrot and stick would be enough to control him ( the publics lack of concern over the cost of soldiers and treasure in our next forever war might be explained by their fear of having to de-ass the SUV and walk anywhere ). But eventually the economy gets bad enough and the meals start getting skipped. Yes, 90% of Americans could miss quite a few meals. No, most of those will not miss all that many before they start supporting a revolt. They don’t care about the Constitution or the Bill Of Rights or Common Law or Freedom. They care about where their next Big Mac is coming from. They will either support revolution or government control on par with Stalin, whichever gets them their creature comforts. So don’t expect many people to join you for the right reasons.
    If the government can control and distribute the food ( regardless of how they do it ) during a crisis ( and you got to wonder if the new wheat rust outbreak is all natural ) the citizens will be against anyone revolting ( we have been assuming a revolt if guns are banned ). They will not feed you. If the government is still giving the fiction that we still have a Constitution then they will use food as a weapon against you and you will starve while heavily armed. I can’t come up with a good propaganda line to tie surrendering guns in with food distribution rights but I’m sure the government can. How about this. You are allowed guns, but not in an urban area. For security reasons. But to receive food aid you must be a resident in an urban area ( besides which that is where the jobs are now that petroleum is rationed ). The government has already started towards making small farmers go broke ( first it is livestock, next all food. None may be sold without tracking devices that cost a lot, you have no other job, can’t pay property tax without cash, can’t profitably sell food, no more farm ) and eventually only mega-agri-regions will remain. Then the government ( not to mention the corporations ) will control all the food and then you. But you still retain the option of opting out of the system. No rights are being violated ( everything is allowed, but controlled and taxed and regulated beyond viability-so no rights are violated ).
    Do you see where I am going here? The whole thing is smoke blown up your ass. The boys large and in charge will do any work around to get the desired results. You need to be a little bit more aware than just token laws blessed by the high court.
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    Didn't Communist China do this? as well as Soviet Russia (It was Stalin I believe). Well I think it's working here too, how do we protect ourselves against this sort of agricultural assault? We can't is the simple answer. The Roman Empire kept slave revolts down thanks to limiting their food. Even Spartacus' revolt only occured after two years of "plenty". As the old saying goes An Army Runs on its Stomach.
    We can prolong ourselves, and If we had an ear in the local government then we might be able to preserve our way of life temporarily, but not indefinitly once the government turns. Also we need to take the lessons taught to us by the Al-Qaeda insurgents (not the suicide bombers) But rather on how to maintain a long term counter assault.
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    An admittedly depressing blog...
    IMHO N.A.I.S.plays right into this.(national animal identification system).Food will be the weapon of underlying control...

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