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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by knophear, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. knophear

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    I am currently looking for a good shtf gun setup for someone on a budget. I have a Mosin Nagant M44 and a Ruger 10/22. I want to get a budget battle rifle and sidearm. I eventually want to get a Springfield Armory SOCOM 16 or II and a MC Operator 1911....Those are real $$$ any take on these...For now, I was looking at a Saiga .308 and a Firestorm Deluxe 1911 or a RIA Tactical 1911. I also am getting an SKS soon but want a semi-auto .308. Any suggestions or reports about the guns listed? Thanks....
  2. RouteClearance

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    Can't go wrong with a SOCOM 16, but as you stated the price of them are in the upper stratosphere. You also have to take in account the price of ammo for 308/7.62 Nato which is reaching the upper stratosphere also. How much can you afford overall will probably be your deciding factor. Also noticed this is your first posting so welcome to the Monkey Board.
  3. knophear

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    Thanks, man. I would love to get a SOCOM, but it'll be ready for college.
  4. franks71vw

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    Get a pump shotgun that you can get a great deal on... find a 1911 and youll be good to go. (10/22 as well) Socom is way to expensive you can buy all these guns and maybe ammo for hte price of 1 rifle... [beer]
  5. knophear

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    Reccommend any good shotguns? I like the Mossberg 590...seems pretty solid.
  6. Akheloce

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    +100 on a shotgun. Many people call the Colt Peacemaker .45 "the gun that won the west" but it was really the shotgun... that's what the average joe carried. I have a Mossberg 590 Mariner (stainless) with an 18" barrel and a pistol grip stock (no buttstock) it fits everywhere, including under the hood on my snowmachine. The Mossberg is a little loose fitting however. Take this as a pro or a con, but it is what it is. I've carried both the Moss 500 and the Rem 870 on duty before, and the 870 is a very solid weapon- fit and finish is tighter, but it felt heavier to carry.

    One of the main things I would look at in a SHTF scenario is usefullness of the weapon, and the availability of ammunition. Few weapons out there can beat a 12 GA.
  7. QuietOne

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    A few months after the SHTF there are going to be a lot of extra guns around. Because there will be a lot of folks with no more need for their weapons. Because they'll be dead. But ammo is going to be used up quickly and not be replaced, so if I had some extra cash I'd spend it on getting as much ammo as I could for the guns I have and forget about fancy, expensive guns that I can't afford and never trained with.
  8. tommy20/69

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    i agree buy as much ammo as you can .plus i would buy a gun that is a nato round like a ak47 or a m4/ar15 them rounds might be easier to come across if you win a battle and take their guns and ammo. plus you can take their guns for extra parts. no sense in buying a gun that the ammo is scarce.there will be alot better chance of coming across ar15/ak47 ammo than any other ammo that's as for as rifles go i mean.

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  9. CBMS

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    Sorry RC, I have to disagree with you there. The idea behind the .308 (7.62x51) is as a long range stopping cartdridge. I would not reccomend on a barrel length of less than 19" for a .308 chamberd rifle. I do not agree also in the fact that parts are not interchangeable with other m1a's. I would suggest the scout at least, and one with a 22" barrel for maximum "long distance love".

    +1 for the shotgun, but from the sounds of it, your 10/22 is the best tool for you.

    Also welcome to the monkey!
  10. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    +1. Idiot proof.
  11. NWPilgrim

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    I would get the SKS and a pistol, but hold off on the .308, even the less expensive Saiga. The pistol would give you in-the-house and in-the-car defense. The SKS gives you reasonable high capacity semi-automatic. The Mosin gives you long range, hunting medium and large game, and penetration of cover. Finally you have the 10/22 for pests and small game.

    If you have money left over get mags and spare parts for the pistol and ammo, nostly for the SKS and pistol.

    While the shotgun is versatile it has its limitations. Ammo is much bulkier and heavier compared to the 7.62x39 for the SKS. It is limited to 40-50 yds with buck and 75-100 yds with slugs. If I was facing a prolonged period of possibly encountering multiple armed looters/rioters coming down my street I would rather have the SKS and a a case of ammo then a shotgun with a few boxes of buckshot. If you prefer the shotgun then go for it, as it is nothing to sneeze at. But I think the battle designed and proven SKS is more suited for various defensive roles that surpass the limitations of the shotgun.

    I have taken my own advice on this. While I have a shotgun, I have been filling out my little "armory" with Ak, AR15, M1 Carbine and M1 Garands. every time I think of getting another shotgun I think I would rather have another rifle or carbine.

    Finally, an SKS would be easier for you to share with a room mate or visiting friend or family member. Practically anyone can shoot an SKS whereas the shotgun may or may not be easily handled by some females or guys of smaller stature or less familiarity with firearms.
  12. RouteClearance

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    A 16" barrel in a 308 is not a bad idea. The velocity loss over longer barrels is not that much of an issue in the hands of an experinced marksman. Granted I would not engage targets beyond the point where the projectile becomes subsonic which is around 800 yards. The fact is that most of us simply cannot shoot at that distance and this also includes your standard military grunts.

    After spending a year climbing in and out of uparmmored Hummers and MRAP vehicles, carbine style weapons become a godsend in ways you would have to experince firsthand.

    You also have to take into account that the average distance of moderen armed conflict is well within 250 yards. In a SHTF situation, this distance will be considerably less for most preppers who are trying to protect their home/family. In any urban settings, the engagement distance will be a distance of only a few yards. This is where you will find that short barreled weapons, weather rifles or shotguns will dominate the scene.

    The disadvantages of short barreled 308 rifles is increased muzzel blast and recoil, which by any means is not unbearable to the shooter.
  13. knophear

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    If I got a SOCOM, or a Scout, it wouldnt be a 'Sniper' or 'Designated Marksman's' rifle. I would probably outfit it with an EoTech and that'd be about it. For my 10/22, I have a hi-cap clip and plan on getting more as well as a folding stock + I have about 1000+ rounds for it. I forgot to mention that I have a Mossberg 500 and a few hundred shells. The SKS i'm about to get from a guy at my church comes with a few hi-cap clips and about 1,000 rounds of ammo for about 150.00 bucks. YeeHaw! He got it from his bro who was needing money for 50.00 bucks and sank some money into it. He said he just dont have the time to shoot it anymore and wants it to have a good for a handgun, ya'll reccommned any cheap ones? How about a CZ-52? Any others?
  14. knophear

    knophear Monkey++

    On the SOCOM, I just want it as a good compromise between the carryability of an AR, the reliability of an AK, and the sheer power of an M-14.
  15. CBMS

    CBMS Looking for a safe place

    RC, You are completly right about the Carbines, I do know about jumping in and out of cars an such with long arms (quick exit drills with my brother and friends. Lol shoulda seen the neighbors faces). I also am a huge believer in the DM position within a fireteam.
    It is difficult to defend yourself or your family without the help of others, even if they are your family. I believe there should be the standard setup of two primary assault personnel and one designated marksmen.

    Knophear, its a pity you live in the states. Up here in canada there is an imported rifle called a Norinco m-305 (m-14). You guys can't get it due to an ATF embargo on Chinese arms. Basicly it is a 400 dollar M1a that has a forged reciever. Apparently it is as good as a SA without all that money down the tube.
    For a cheap .308 I dont think there is one, just save up for the one of your dreams and then go for it. as for the 1911, maybe start off with something like a M&P .45 or an XD. Something reliable and cheap. Dont forget that 9mm is WAY less expensive to shoot than a .45, and they put down the baddies just as easily.
  16. ghrit

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    Then the fight started -- :lol: [taser1]
  17. knophear

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    Have you guys heard of the DRT ammunition in 9mm? Says it leaves a cavity 5x5. Also says it'll go thru a telephone pole but not a cat.....
  18. knophear

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    .45 will almost do that with
  19. clemsonguy81

    clemsonguy81 remington 700 cdl 30-06!

    pistol=357/38 special
    rifle=.22 lr
  20. dragonfly

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    CZ-52 is a real solidly built, massive piece of hardware....
    But, having bought 2 of them and they were "supposedly" NIB's, they were junk. I had to aim 3 inches to the right and 3 inches high to hit a 12 inch target only 5 yards distance...
    Then the orther one, I fired several hundred rounds thru it, and never figured it out...
    The bullets would hit literally 5-6 feet in front of me!
    So, what to do?
    I have had both in to gunsmiths and they refuse to deal wih them here.
    So, undaunted, I went and bought the 9mm barrels for them...
    Back to the drawing board, that changed nothing, but the bullets impact area, whic hwas all over the place!
    Now the cartridge is very nice, quite loud, and will penetrate most items with the Russian ammo, which I assume is a hotter load than you'd get from Sellier&Bellot.
    But, they are steel jacketed too.
    I'll stick with my "hogleg" Taurus model 607, .357 with a 6 1/2 inch ported barrel, and 7 rounds.
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