Guns? Guns? Guns? Yer don' need no guns

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    That last one will take some 'splaining........

    I saw internet photos of a coyote that got 'grilled once too. Couldn't see the critter in there til you looked into the grill!
    Down here, when driving or riding my bike on the forest roads, I have to be very observant..... those danged deer love to jump right in front of a vehicle!
  3. chelloveck

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    We have the same problem

    We have the same problem with kangaroos and wallabies.....they truly are the panel beater's friends.

    hit a kangaroo on my motorbike - YouTube

    Kangaroo V 4WD - YouTube

    Kangaroo hits V8 Racecar - YouTube

    But sometimes kangaroos have their own problems.
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    My wife is an excellent "hunter". She has taken several out. We have had one car totalled and five others hit. One ran into the side of my car in town. I jumped out to finish him off but he scrambled away before the coup de gras shot. Danged fur bearing critters are a real pest.
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    That's no danged hood's a danged car sight

    Your wife drives the best game meat tenderiser in town I bet.....
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    -06, You need to weld a "Moose Rack" to the front of her Car..... ..... YMMV.....
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    "Moose Rack" so drag the moose easy., or tot truck. LOL.
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    I was out around Coonamble, Walett area a few years ago and a mob, of Kangaroos, hopped across the road in front of my car. I slammed on the brakes and honked the horn( a lot) and all but three hopped off the road. Those three were trying to outrun a car. With the brakes and the horn still engaged I was catching them real fast when they decided to exit right. I was scared because they were some of the biggest things I had ever seen on the road. Then I started looking for a place to pull over to change my attire.
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    I mostly get rabbits with this hunting method, and they are rarely good for eating. Ethically though I have no problems eating roadkill.
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    Several hunters I know, are on roadkill lists with the local sheriff. Deer or rarely pigs get hit, you show up when called, he writes you a claim tag for it, and it is yours. Most road kill deer will give at least 40% of normal yield, and some have little to show for how they died. The meat is fresh killed. You will usually be called for pick-up within 30 minutes, of the officer arriving on-site. I need a second large freezer before I sign up. One of my hunting buddies, received 4 large deer in one week! Only one had major damage, and it became dog food.
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    Yeah, there's a couple of hunters here who does that too. What I meant was just that small animals, like rabbits, often get under the tires and such and theres not much to eat left on them. I let the dogs have a go though if they are with me.
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    Yep, that is why I am trapping rabbits live, and relocating them to my hunting property. It should help build up the population where I can eat them. I can not legally raise them to eat them.
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