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GunsAmerica Article on Relatively New Product

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by NVBeav, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. NVBeav

    NVBeav Monkey+++

    "You can empty a 30 round mag on an AR full auto and still put your hand around the barrel" - author on Teludyne Tech Straightjacket.

    The Teludyne (TTI) Tech Straightjacket – Extreme Accuracy Makeover

    This looks extremey interesting... It called into question some of my thoughts on accurizing a rifle. Well worth the read!!
  2. Hispeedal2

    Hispeedal2 Nay Sayer

    It certainly perked my interest.
  3. UGRev

    UGRev Get on with it!

    i wonder how much extra weight.. did the article say? I didn't see it in there.
  4. BAT1

    BAT1 Cowboys know no fear

    Just install a bull barrel and forget the expensive scope. Not impressed.
  5. UGRev

    UGRev Get on with it!

    A BBL is made from the same metal composition as the entire barrel. This procedure is using a more heat conducting set of metals than the barrel. That's the big difference here. It's not just a BBL. It's a BBL that sinks heat faster keeping the barrel cooler and helps with the irregularities of the barrel becoming more apparent as the barrel heats up.
  6. NVBeav

    NVBeav Monkey+++

    That's what I got from the article too. It appears that it's impossible to make a barrel perfectly concentric and then create a hole perfectly down the middle. Thus, variation in temperature creates a different point of impact -- wider variation typically equals large spread. Therefore, reducing the temperature range of the barrel reduces the point of impact spread.

    I thought I read that it added 3 pounds to the rifle.
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