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    Hi Everyone,

    You may have noticed that we halted the Prepping 101 column during the past month. During the holidaze money has to be spent on other things besides surviving the collapse ahead, so there is really no point talking about it. This is a list of the articles from the start of the column, and yes, we will be continuing in 2015. The stock market is soaring. Gas is way down, and "we" won the mid-term elections. Nothing to worry about right? Wrong. In the coming year we'll delve into several of many subjects that threaten our freedom and our way of life, and take a look at more of the products in the initial overview articles. If you haven't started to provide your family some backup beyond just owning a working firearm, take a look at the subjects we have discussed so far. In a total collapse of all the stuff we take for granted, survival is up to you, and this is the best series on the subject that we have seen.

    Happy New Year! ;) - team@ga

    Good ideas here.

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