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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by E.L., Mar 2, 2008.

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    Last weekend I traveled to Dallas for the Big Town Gun Show. It is the largest in the area with over 1000 tables. Lots of nice stuff, and a few deals were found. I noticed that ammo of course was sky high, Mosin-Nagants the official "Monkey Rifle" were going for $110-120. I thought that was a bit high. I found one distributor with excellent deals on AR lowers and uppers. 16 inch RRA mid length uppers with BCG were going for $455. That is the best price I have seen on them. Intact DPMS lowers with stocks were going for a about $230 if I remember correctly. So that is mid $600's for a new complete AR. AR and AK magazines were consistently priced at $15. Eagle 10/22 30 rd. mags I observed at $10. I just browsed through the all of the tables with the new pistols because of course there was a crowd around each one that you had to wade through. Since I am not in the market for a new one with all of the necessary FFL paper work I skipped most of them. I saw very few SKSs, and the big shock of the show, no WASRs. Zip, nada. As a matter of fact, the only two AKs I saw were a MAK-90 that was very high (forgot how much) and some kind of ultra, very rare AK that was $3K. The last time I went to this show there were dealers with crates full of WASRs. I bought two then. Now, there was not a one to be found. The best deal of the show IMO was Magpul PMags that the dealer with the uppers and lowers was selling. Texas Star Group was selling the PMags for $14.95 each, or 10 for 120 with tax. So I bought 10, and should have bought 30. I also picked up a big backpack, nothing fancy just hopefully good storage and a short distance bug out backpack. Overall, the ARs were not as plentiful as what I find at the local gun shows that are a lot smaller. Prices about the norm, and nothing (besides the PMags) that I couldn't live without. The crowd was big, but it always is at Big Town.
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    Went to the Tampa show yesterday, complete waste of time. The line to get in was around the building, about a 30 minute wait. The prices were either higher than or no better than what I can find online. WWB ammo for the same price Walmart sells it, factory 223 reloads for the same price I can buy factory new online. AR15s ridiculously overpriced at over $1k for most A4s without M4 feedramps. Glocks; $679! Holy ass reaming Batman, plus tax and nics, so over $700 for a Glock plus I gad to pay $5 to park and $8 to get in just so I could have the privilege of being insulted. AK's for $700! Keltec SUB 2000s for $400. I guess the vendors are trying to capitalize on the fear of Hillary getting elected. Okay, I guess you get the picture, last show for me for awhile. I did see a wannabe thug wearing a concealed permit badge though, so that gave me some comedic return on my money.
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    this weekend my partner will be at the west Palm show is you want something let me know I will have it. I too hated having to go to a show and seeing these crazy prices so 01 ffl was done and received. Now i go to the shows buy stuff and sell alot at what i believe is a good profit for a weekend. Last time at the Miami show i cleared out the table except for 2 yugo sks.
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    Franks, why don't you put up a list of items with a price list in the trading section. I am sure that there are quite a few monkeys here that would be interested in what you have for sale. What are the Yugo SKS going for?
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    Worlds largest gun show WANENMACHER'S Tulsa, OK. April 5-6 2008 Expo Square (Tulsa Fairgrounds)

    Be in line by 7am so you can be in the building by 10am

    Rows are 1/8 mile long and there are 100 rows; you won't get through the show in 1 day.

    Because its so crowded, you only move as fast as the "herd".

    It really doesn't matter how rare you think something is, you'll likely see 10 or more of them.

    Don't ever plan on going back to get something ... it won't be there.

    Happy Hunting
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    Worlds largest Gun Show. 3900 + tables. If you have never been it is awesome. Everyone should go at least once. Wanenmachers and Knob Creek, Mecca and Medina for gun nuts!!!
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    I had not kept up with this thread but yeah I am on hold for 20 Wasr hi ca 20 saiga 12G with 20 20 rd dum mags DPMS lowers you name it. I should have everything in stock by the end of april. Me personally getting my stash ready lol i can get magpul mag if enogh itms are ordered i can ship via USPS one rate which is like 8 bucks or so I dont scam on the shipping. SKS I think were running like 228 or so have those in stock. Personally I skipped the nagants and went with the yugo 24/47 8mm. Thats me personnaly just post what your looking for and if with shipping it sound good hey i dont care. I can ship guns as well FFL01/soon 07 SOT :D So post what your looking for and I wil try and find this thread as much as possible.. oh and yeah i will be at KCR in April...
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    Thanks Franks! If you run across any really good deals be sure and post them. AKs seem to be few and far between.
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    Will do, just let me know what your looking for..
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