gwyneth says don'tworry we'll befine!!!!

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    Ggwyneth Paltrow's "investment mewsletter(! OMG WE ARE SO SCREWED!)

    You may or may not have heard about GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow's online newsletter designed to -- get this -- nourish the inner aspect. Basically, it's new age lifestyle stuff.
    But even if you're interested in organic yogurt and Feng Shui, you might still want some common sense, hardnosed money news, which is exactly what Gwyneth is here for. She got two of her banker friends to explain how it all works. (via Eddy Elfenbein)

    Inflation — what causes it? Basically inflation is determined by how much money is available in the economy. And this amount of money is largely determined by how much people get paid for work and how easy it is to borrow money. Since wages have not gone up much in recent years, and the current job market is terrible, and given how hard it is to borrow money because of the financial crisis, there is not much chance that inflation will increase in the next year or two at least. In fact, the bigger worry right now is DEFLATION.

    The mere fact this exists shakes me to my core...Finding thison theday obama "is awarded" the Nobel peace prize afterwhat two weeks inoffice??
    Has me totally losing faith in this country..[beat]"we" deserve a righteous thumping.[beat]
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    I'm not investing in anything until Lindsey Lohan tells me what is really going on.
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