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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magmeister, Dec 21, 2007.

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    As I watch society I realize that no one person has the best solution to survival,freedom, and independence, but by combining numerous ideas we might just be able to come to a good recepie. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to buy a clean pre-owned RV and travel to destinations that interest me, which in my case would be national forests and national parks. By owning the Rv you no longer have to pay rent or utilities and would always have a roof over your head. Gas would be a major expense depending on how long you stayed in one area. As a example, I recently returned from Yellowstone national park, I could spend months there hiking,exploring etc.. travel until you find a nice location stay until you are ready to leave and then move on. Money? Gun shows or swap meets on the weekends, or work a part time job and save until you have enough to take off again. days would be spent hiking,fishing,hunting,camping or just sleeping in. If you spend money sparingly and camp as much as possible in free or cheap campground I reckon a fellow could live pretty free for the rest of his years. anyone else have a similar idea or dream? Advice?Comments?
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    You would be called a retiree or a snowbird (if you followed the climate). This is a very common thing retired people do. To lower costs there are a lot of places out there that are on blm land that you can stay for zero cost. I think the only limit is 2 weeks then you have to relocate at least 7 miles away. Some people in their RVs just pick two locations that are zero cost to stay at least 7 miles away and just go back and forth every 2 weeks.

    Some people just go across the country staying in low cost/ no cost locations and are happy campers. Some even generate enough income selling trinkets they make at shows, fairs, etc to pay for all their needs.
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    Admirable dream.... shared by many, I'm sure.

    I'd think you would really need some kind of guaranteed income (retirement, ssi, something) for the times when nobody wanted to hire you.
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    Depends on your "station" in life.I'm all for unconventional thinking and living. obviously they say the era of the 25 or30 year job has been over for awhile now. While I'm all for this kinda lifestyle,My kids are stepping out of the nest , "vagabonding"is a decision for adults.
    kids can be home schooled,but they need friends and peers to grow socially.Tough to keep a garden moving every two weeks. ( not impossible mind you) Sure would be interesting though.If you are not of retirement age you need to think about providing/investing for that too,
    why most folks work a good part of their lives,not always enjoying it. I've bowed out of the corporate work force and wild horses couldn't drag me back...perhaps to finance a bmw R1200gs
    Sea cowboys can talk to the intricacies of living without permanent address...
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    I have a friend who did exactly what you described. Her husband was a self employed photographer and she was a corporate executive. They decided to chuck it all and hit the road. Before selling everything out, her husband wasn't feeling well around Christmas time. In January he saw a doctor, was diagnosed with cancer of the gall bladder and pancreas and he died on Good Friday. She decided to continue with their plan on her own. She sold everything - house, contents, cars and took off in the giant RV they had owned for a couple years. She spent 5 years traveling the country, meeting up with other RVers sometimes and used the RV parks in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Eventually she remarried, sold the RV, bought a house in AZ where she still lives.

    For me, having grown up in a military family where home was where you hung your hat, I prefer roots. I don't make a good tourist. I've seen a good part of the world and am still happiest roaming my woods watching the seasons change.
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    Kids are grown. And as for retirement, when a lot of folks retire,they do exactly like I am wanting to do, so I will just have a 30 year head start!
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    Another thing you can do to cover expenses is work as a camp host. Many parks make use of camp hosts. In exchange for a little work around camp, they get a free site. These sites are usually water and electric and often have sewer. The work tends to be things like picking up trash and cleaning the bath house. They often need the host to stay in camp on the weekend and there's often a minimum time they want you to stay there, sometimes 6 weeks.
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    A buddy and i just camped overnight with a retired couple - KLR forum friends we've met before. Good people. They have a mountain cabin in NC for summer use, but the rest of the year, they are on the road in their 30' RV, carrying their two dual-sport bikes for buzzing around. Both are in their late fiftes. They are currently 'working' at a Forestry Work Camp, hanging signs in the trails for the ATVers and off-roaders. They get to blast around in the boonies, and GET PAID doing it! Full hookups, free services, good security, as there is usually a Forestry worker on site at the shop, and the local Ranger checks in - he's a friend of theirs.
    They get a Forestry truck, and a cool little "COOT2" 4X4 amphib vehicle to play . . . uh . . . 'work' in! That was a blast!
    They'll stay there for a few more weeks, then motor on.
    Their daughter just bought an RV, and is 'gate keeping' on a big ranch in Texas - $100 a day and all services supplied for just noting down tag numbers of oil workers going in/out the gate. Turn in the log sheet each week. Boring, but good money for those that like to sit awhile. He says the gate companies are screaming for people!

    Opportunities abound, for those that look for them.

    I could do that - but would have to sell most of my guns and books. ;-)
    Keeping it in mind for when I retire though!
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    it can be done.i lived like this for 8 years and they were the best years of my life...i had a new truck paid for and a duffel bag,fishing pole and a rifle.i lived pretty good and got to do alot of things...lived in Alaska to spend lots of time in the true wild places of the u.s and canada some.hope you get to do will warp you forever.a taste of true freedom will leave you wanting it.i wrestle with this my job i feel like a slave at times and yern for the mtns and the true freedom i had.i will get to do it all again....paid the homestead off this year and got my long term plans in the works .good luck!!!!!!
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    Ever up-spiraling fuel costs are a concern - but by moving only occasionally, not as bad as being constantly on the move.
    Another bennie, if a storm is approaching - just pull up and hit the highway BEFORE the sheeple stampede - they wait til the last hour anyway.
    Of course, you won't be carrying a ten-year supply of stored food and supplies . . .
  11. monkeyman

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    Maybe not a ten year supply but especialy if you had one of the RVs with the 'toy box' or whatever (basicly a room on the back and the whole back comes down as a ranp and they range in size from big enouph for a couple motorcycles to a 1 car garage) and/or a trailler behind the RV you could have a pretty considerable pantry and supplies if wanter.
  12. Tango3

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    How cool! What a dream..kudos to you,[beer][beer]
  13. Seacowboys

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    Some very good friends of ours spend the winter on their sailboat and the summer is spent in their motor-home traveling around the country. They have a regular circuit they travel with things cached at each for their needs.
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