"H.R.1505"!!A bill we should fear,and loath!!

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by goinpostal, Nov 5, 2011.

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    We've been living this way for a number of years now. Well, in most cases, they have just included the government owned land.

    Look up Constitutional Free Zone to see what i mean.

    Or look at the ACLU website here

    This bill just makes it legal for the DHS to tear up protected lands (virgin forests, coastal wetland, historical sites, etc.) to put up fences, erect monitoring stations and conduct patrols on such lands 'OWNED BY ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERIKA'

    I guess Ms. Napoleon just wants to make double sure that she has the right to build a fence right through the anastasi indian site, over the top of Mt. McKinnley and a special border through the middle of the everglades.

    I guess the private lands weren't enough, now she wants all of it.

    This should be defeated but we also need to get the CFZ repealed as well.
    100 miles from the border? WTF, how about right at the border, before they get in, not after. Seems like putting on a condom after the act.

    Obviously, they want them to get in, the 100 mile zone is to make sure WE can't get out unobserved.
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    DHS has risen to the top of the alphabet agencies I'd like to see banned and taken down. A Free America has no need of them.
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    They are taking away freedoms in little steps. It's not one big step, just lots of little ones, so the new one isn't any worse than the last one you let slip by. Can't let them pass it.
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