Civics H.R. 25 Fair Tax Act of 2019

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    Well so far no one has been able to redirect my SSI monthly direct deposit or my VA disability direct deposit, or my Navy Retirement direct deposit. They are batting 1000 at 3 times at bat. I understand your being hesitant, but the present IRS system is 77,000 pages of gobblygook even the tax professionals and IRS employee cannot agree on. I like the idea of a simple system replacing them with collection of taxes at the cash register for 90% of the common people and collecting from all the illegals and tourists, with them getting nothing back. Additionally the rebate system is paid to everyone with a registered ssn id within one address paid to the head of household. Only required paper work for most of the common folks is to reregister/verify SSNs in that one household annually. ALSO back to Constitution with presumption of innocence until proven otherwise with regard to taxes.
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    23% is teh base rate there are some house hold exemptions for people at poverty level
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    so a fair tax would be zero.
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