HAARP closes as support contact expires......

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by BTPost, Jul 19, 2013.

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    Ionospheric research program shut down
    FAIRBANKS, Alaska — An ionospheric research facility near Glennallen has shut down and it's not clear how long the closure will last.
    The official in charge of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program wouldn't comment on the program's status.
    But Roger Smith, an emeritus professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, says the closure followed the end of a contract with the Marsh Creek Corp. The university has long been involved in research at the facility.
    Smith says a new contract is expected with another corporation.
    The closure is affecting work by scientists like Chris Fallon, who has a grant through the Air Force's Young Investigator Research Program.
    He says real-time data for his work to investigate artificial auroras created by the facility hasn't been available since last month.
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    I'm sure another corporation will pick it up, per usual. We can't have a doomsday weapon just sitting around collecting dust, after all.
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    Interesting take on it. The ARRL website also has a story about it and one of the reasons cited for closure is that the power supply (Diesel Generators) no longer meet EPA requirements for clean air and retrofitting them would be about $800,000. Additionally, the project TOLD the government that they would likely have to close this year and never even submitted a budget request for either 2014 or 2015. Nobody said boo until the last one out turned off the lights.

    Which is exactly what's going to happen when <fill in the blank entitlement program> goes belly up. It doesn't matter how many warnings the recipients and their handlers were given...all the sudden when it turns off, everyone is in a panic and tizzy about it.

    It's funny how they dismiss the conspiracy theories surrounding the project but then go on to quote specific things they've done that lend credence to the theories. Hello?!?!? Artificial Aurora's...REALLY?!?! In the ARRL article they quote the giant plasma cloud they created with it in the upper atmosphere.

    *sigh* *headshake*
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    Yep, the EPA got them, on the Diesel Gensets that power the Array.... Like there is a problem with excess pollutants in the VAST Alaskan Bush.... The Yahoos at the EPA can____________________________ . (insert your own disparaging Remarks) I really enjoyed my time, at HAARP, when I was there..... Lots of very smart Folks, doing Good Research, there..... Now it will gather dust, for a few years..... ......
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    I visited the site and wrote an article for Uncle Wayne. Now all but gone, the site did some science, but I saw it as mostly pork spending for the State. Now that Ted Stevens (and his money fountain) is gone, expect to see more 'projects' like this dry up in Alaska. UofA, Fairbanks 'supercomputer', lots of roads, bridges and such. I'm still waiting for the next show to drop....
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    You were actually workin there?
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    I was working, when I visited the site, but as a Federal Inspector, rather than an Engineer, or Researcher. I wrote the visit up in my Report, as I did with every Official Inspection, I did as an FCC Resident Field Agent...... The site had just completed Phase 1 Trials, and was awaiting Federal Certification, for Phase 1 Operational Status. If they junk the place, I sure would like to get a few of those Amplifier Modules.... ......
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    OH YEAH! [touchdown] [alien]
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  10. BTPost

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    Very good write-up on what "Really" goes on at HAARP.....
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    Oh, I forgot to add, neither will the other 18 or so stations. So, go on believing it's just another "scientific study". I suppose there really aren't cancer viruses in your vaccines, heavy metals and other nano-particle contaminates being seeded in the skies, or fluoride in the water supplies. Everything is just like the official .Gov channels report --and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Please, go back to sleep...

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