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    South Korea raises alert after hackers attack broadcasters, banks - Yahoo! News

    In the on going development of cyber warfare- the North Koreans seem to have effectively hit the South and some of their institutions.

    The Chinese especially and other nations to some degree are performing daily attacks and incursions to our networks creating loss of service & data as well as learning how to manipulate our systems in every regard. They have been successful in gaining access to most any business, industry and even .gov systems.

    How much have they learned, that is the question, that worries many late into the night. When they make their move, like the NK did to SK, what will happen to us. How hard would it be to shut down the national electrical grid, turn off the cooling systems on our nuclear plants to cause meltdowns, or reach into our nuclear silo's and reprogram the missiles to hit our friends- and then launch them..... Just a question I suppose, that we may be able to answer to some degree as Monkey's but what are you doing to prepare for this potential event?

    On a more personal level, what are you doing to prevent identity thieves and hackers from gaining access to your computer, keeping them from things such as your bank or credit card account information or your SSN and other personal information?
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    Two things really. One, I have no personal info stored on my computer anywhere, unless you count my taste in books, or what sites i visit. and while they could gain access to my email, I have a junk mail account for anything suspicious and two, I never use a credit card on line. If i need to order something, I have a cut-out do it for me, and I pay cash for what he orders.
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    U think your electrical grid and nuke plants are connected to the internet?
    This sounds like something a politician would say right before trying to pass a bill to "protect" you from |-|@x0|^5 by tracking EVERYTHING you do on the internet.
    Oh wait...
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    Electrical grid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And if you think they are not- you are wrong. The smart grid has been in place for some time and is in a continual state of being expanded and improved upon in all sources of energy production and distribution. Coal fired plants, hydro, nuclear, wind, solar or whatever the primary souce may be, are tied to the grid by network to determine demand and what their customers require for output and so on. Where you have a doorway in via the network, someone will always be looking to exploit the entry through that door for whatever purpose. You just have to have the know how, resources and intent to access these systems as they are robust with security, but then so is the Pentagon and they were hacked recently.
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    bah...while u can look up your usage data im 100% certain that there isnt an "off" switch. There is a BIG difference between accessing stats and telling a nuke plants cooling system to shut down.

    And to answer OP question on how to protect yourself...give the hacker a good paying job in IT that he/she would lose if ever caught expoiting...(worked on me)
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    LOL! Set a thief to catch a thief. ;)
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    • Nearly two-thirds of organizations learn they are breached from an external source.
      Targeted attacks continue to evade preventive defenses, but organizations are getting better at discovering them on their own. Still, a full 63 percent of victims were made aware they had been breached by an external organization such as law enforcement.
    • The typical advanced attack goes unnoticed for nearly eight months.
      Attackers spend an estimated 243 days on a victim’s network before they are discovered – 173 days fewer than in 2011. Though organizations have reduced the average time between compromise and detection by 40%, many are still compromised for several years before detecting a breach.
    • Attackers are increasingly using outsourced service providers as a means to gain access to their victims.
      As companies continue to outsource business processes such as finance, accounting, HR, and procurement, advanced attack groups are increasingly taking advantage of those relationships to gain access to the organizations.
    • Attackers are using comprehensive network reconnaissance to help them navigate victims’ networks faster and more effectively.
      Attackers are frequently stealing data related to network infrastructure, processing methodologies, and system administration guides to gather the reconnaissance data they need to more quickly exploit network and system misconfigurations.
    • Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attackers continue to target industries that are strategic to their growth and will return until their mission is complete.
      Mandiant observed a relationship between the strategic priorities of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), the operations of PRC state-owned enterprises (SOEs), and data stolen through cyber intrusions from a wide variety of clients and industries. Of the top three industries repeatedly targeted, aerospace topped the list, followed by energy, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals.
    • Once a Target, Always a Target
      Organizations are being targeted by more than one attack group, sometimes in succession. In 2012, 38% of targets were attacked again once the original incident was remediated. Of the total cases Mandiant investigated in 2012, attackers lodged more than one thousand attempts to regain entry to former victims.

    Mandiant® Releases Annual Threat Report on Advanced Targeted Attacks | Press Releases | Mandiant®
    Mandiant® - Detect. Respond. Contain.
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    New clue in South Korea cyberattack reveals link to Chinese criminals - Yahoo! News

    Sounds like more than a just a handfull of PC's were hit in the attack recently.
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