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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TXKajun, Feb 17, 2017.

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    There's a new bbq supply shop in town, owned and run by some competition bbq'ers. Nice shop, reasonable prices, great people and quite a few trophies on display at the shop. They have giveaways now and then, anything from an Igloo or Arctic mug to classes. I really was interested in their upoming bbq class in March, but the $75 price was a little steep for me for a 1 day class. They were giving away a spot in the class, so I put my name in for the drawing, following our family philosophy of "If you don't ask, they never have a chance to say yes." Yesterday, out of the blue, I get a message informing me that I had WON!! WOOHOO!! I am extremely pumped about this!

    I love to bbq. No, make that "I LOVE to BBQ!!" I've seen ads for all kinds of bbq classes from local ones all the way up to Steve Raichlens's biggie in Colorado Springs and had a desire to attend one for ages. Now, I get to see how they really are.

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    Cool!! We will need pix and recipes. For special interests, if they do rotisserie, we definitely want that featured.

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    Lucky you!
    Feel free to post up any tips or tricks you may learn there!
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    He looks hungry...

    ...better get cookin' ;)
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    Congrats Kajun! You being Monkey in good standing I'm sure you will be more than happy to share what you learn with the rest of the tree;)
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    They said to bring a pen and notebook, so it looks like I may have something to share.
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    I have mine as well...looking forward to it!
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    The class went well with one kind of significant oops. Over all, the class was great! Like the old saying, "The Devil's in the details" this class didn't give me anything earth shattering, but there were tons of little things that should raise the bar on my bbq, for instance, inject, inject, inject but with the right injection solution; season heavily with the right rub; use lots less smoke than I've been using...in fact, if you can see the smoke, you're using too much...; cook a bit higher and faster than I've been doing and a few more "little things" that make a world of difference. They showed us hands on how to do smoked brisket, ribs and chicken and went over how to do pork butt and steak...at the competition level, but still very suitable for backyard bbq. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kiss My Rack BBQ Supply for an excellent experience! I really REALLY admire one thing they DIDN'T do....they did not use the class as a venue to advertise and try and sell their many wonderful products. It wasn't a sales pitch at ALL! Strictly how to and hands on info. Thank ya'll so very much!

    Now, for the oops. The instructor was a major big fan of MSG. He used it liberally as a flavor enhancer and went so far as to say "MSG makes EVERYTHING tastier!" Unfortunately, I'm one of those unfortunate few that don't handle MSG very well. I had forgotten about it. I got home feeling like I had the flu and very sleepy. I took a nap, got up still feeling poorly about 6 PM, went to bed about 8PM and woke about 10 PM with my skin really crawling. I sat up until about 1:30 am until I remembered about MSG. I went online, found a quick remedy, took it and was asleep in another 45 minutes. All in all, though, an excellent experience. :)

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