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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Seawolf1090, Jul 27, 2008.

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    Went to the range this morning to see how my recent reloading work has gone. Getting back into 'rolling my own' as ammo prices are getting silly/stupid. So I've spent this weekend loading four boxes of .38 Special, two boxes of .357 Magnum and two boxes of .45 ACP.
    I shot the .38 Special loads with a 125 grain JHP over 3.7grains of Red Dot, my old 'standby' load - they did fairly well, though definitely milder than factory .38s. Shot a bit low.
    Shot another load using the same bullet over 5 grains of Unique - also a bit too mild and shot low.
    Both grouped pretty well, except for a few that were very light - don't know what happened....
    Had one bullet lodged in the muzzle of my Ruger Security Six - actually sticking out the end! Gunny Don got a good laugh out of that one. I caught one squib during loading - put a bullet over an empty case! Apparently I had TWO of them.
    Gunny Don suggested using 7 grains of Unique, but he loads 158 grain in .38. It should perk things up.
    One Red Dot group showed five within an inch and a half at 15 yards! The sixth was high. One of my best groups EVER, minus the flyer!
    Tried some .38 Super (loaded by Georgia Arms - I like their ammo) in my Star Super pistol - it's actually a 9mm Largo, but a lot of guys make the minor mod to shoot .38 Super. Had some feeding problems, but it grouped very nicely - a bit HOT too! Gonna need a stiffer recoil spring. The Star bit my right hand too. 'Hammer bite'. This is a common problem with the old Stars - need to trim the hammer spur a bit.
    Shot the .44 cap&ball 1860 Army, and first two cylinders ran well - third cylinder, got four 'no fires' - DANG! Gonna have to strip it and punch them out. This hawgleg has always been cantankerous - my new 1851 Navy is much more reliable, but I didn't bring it.
    I shot the little singleshot .36 Boot Pistol. Had some misfires - bad caps maybe? Remington caps work better than CCI. Couldn't see any holes at 15 yards - my buddy Keith was right! It's not a target pistol..... Hehehe! (NO sights - the hammer is too high!). Fun though. I made a ramrod with a wooden dowel, and M1 Carbine brass ends JB Welded onto it - works great! I do need to trim the TC-lubed patches down - the ones I have are for the .50 caliber ML rifle - leaves too much fabric in front of the .36 ball.
    I used a 15 grain load of Triple Seven powder - might bump that up a bit - seems light. All my BP shooting now is with the Hodgdon's Triple Seven powder - great stuff! One range comedian said it smells like "dirty old socks"!
    Couldn't try my .45 reloads - I forgot the danged pistol! "DOH!" :(
    It was busy out there this morning! The pistol side was packed, Don (old Marine), Steve (SIG guy) and another regular were there, and a bunch of younger folks! I packed up and motored out about 9:30 - I was on the KLR motorbike.
    Not a bad day, if a bit disappointing. But, it gives me an excuse to improve my loads!
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    Any day at the range is a good one! You got some good data to improve your home-rolls. Good luck with them,/ I am looking forward to getting my Dillon progressive on-line in a week or two.
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    That would have been a cool picture to have... I'll bet you didn't try shooting it out like some local guy here did (ok -- probably 30 years ago :^). The poor guy lost his thumb and ruined the antique rifle he borrowed.

    I, too, hope to start reloading before the end of Summer; need to pick up a .223-type rifle pretty soon...
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    i have a 5.56 rifle and about 600 rounds of once fired mil-spec ammo and no idea as to what reloading equipment to buy, dies, powder or bullets. help???
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    Go to our friends at the Handloaders Bench. Pretty good bunch, they'll point you in the right direction. Click on the link on the main menu here. [boozingbuddies]
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    Still having fun with it. I have begun loading the .22 Hornet - funn little cartridge! My first attempt has done very well - half-inch groups a 50 yards. I was shocked at doing so good on the first try!
    My old vendor-supplied VMax loads did that well at 100 yards, so I have a benchmark to try for. I'm using the same brass - already fire-formed to my rifle's chamber, and the 45 grain Hornady softpoint. I also have the same .40 grain VMAX bullets that the vendor used - but I don't know what powder and primer he used.
    My .45ACP loads are working well - been doing some 200 grain lead flat-nose bullets. The lighter 4-grains of Red Dot load seems more accurate, but the faster 6.3 grains of Unique load is good for defensive use.
    My .38 loads are doing okay - haven't hit the 'magic bullet' yet for really tight groups - but that's always a good excuse to keep on with it! Hehehe.
    My .357 Magnums are doing well - although I did have a couple that popped the primer but didn't detonate the powder! Messy.....
    My buddy had the same problem with his....

    But we are using different powders.
    I hope it isn't the Winchester primers - they have been doing great otherwise! Might be the Florida humidity getting to the powder.

    We just got a "Sportsman's Warehouse" store in town. That'll save me lots of money not having to pay shipping and hazmat fees - even with a bit more cost per item, it'll be cheaper over all. More 'bang for the bucks'!
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