Had A Visit With My Radiation Oncologist Today

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TXKajun, Oct 12, 2021.

  1. TXKajun

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    For the last 2 years, I've been undergoing chemotherapy for prostate cancer. I had 42 external radiation treatments early after the diagnosis. The doctor told me today that I am officially in remission!! WOOHOOO!! Gonna take 3-8 months to recover from the side effects of the chemo, though. Sweetie cried when I gave her the news. :)
  2. johnbb

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    Bravo!!!!!!!!!!! great news may your recovery go well and speedy
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  3. Ura-Ki

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  4. chelloveck

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    That is good news indeed.
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  5. Thunder5Ranch

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    Congrats on the win and I can tell you from personal experience with cancer for a good long while after the win it sure don't feel like a win :) But Doc is right it gets a lot better over time after the treatments.

    Hell you might even get really luck like I did and the head hair NEVER grows back....... Assuming you lost it :)

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  6. HK_User

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    Never give up, all of use may face that challenge some day and we can look back and know you licked it!
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  7. Gator 45/70

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    Congrats !!!!!!!!
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  8. Altoidfishfins

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    That's encouraging, having been diagnosed with same myself about five years ago. I've wondered if there were answers if this stuff ever really gets loose.

    So far urologists have been satisfied that my brand is a slow-grower, but still check on it every six months with DREs (don'cha you just love those?), blood tests - PSA checks (last one was 3.2 not bad for an old fart), MRIs every couple years or so. Had several biopsies. I'm sure you remember what those were like. First one I had felt like a utility pole in a place where the sun don't shine as the needle was exiting my left eye, and there were 11 more to go. What pleasantry! (Sarc)

    Probably have another MRI in the spring, fact I'm going to ask for one because the last one revealed a spot on the left seminal vesicle that was too small to identify.

    As you probably know the first place prostate cancer heads for once it escapes the capsule is the seminal vesicles.

    Right now the urologist seems to think that something else will kill me before this stuff ever does. That could change of course, which is why it's being watched.
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  9. SB21

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    A huge congrats to ya TXKajun,, I hope it stays away from you forever.
    Altoidfishfins, I pray yours stays away and you continue cancer free .
  10. duane

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    Have a couple more radiations left, done with chemo, for bladder cancer. Chemo knocked me down good, like flu but goes on for 7 weeks, stage 3 so no other choice, but it is a pain. No idea what long run is going to be, know more in a few months, but untreated,had few months left. We prep for living to the fullest, but health and God decide in the end.

    Saddest part of treatment is seeing how few people are at peace with the fact that our stay here is limited. Reactions run the course, fear, sadness, rage, why me, etc, but few seem to be thankful for what they have had in this life and that we all know our stay our stay on earth isn't permanent.

    God give us all the years we hope to get and bless all of us in our struggles in life. Good luck and good health to all.
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  11. GOG

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    Fourteen years clear of colon cancer for me. It took more than a year to shed the effects of the radiation and chemo. It definitely changed my body chemistry.

    I wish you joy and happiness @TXKajun.
  12. TXKajun

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    Thanks everyone. Words fail to say how much I appreciate everyone on this forum.
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  13. Meat

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    Good job!!!!!!!
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  14. natshare

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    VERY happy to hear that, Cajun! I still find it amazing, that the "best" solution to "curing" cancer, is to invade the patient's body with poison, while also microwaving portions of it! :eek::mad:

    I'm a little more than 6 months out from shoulder reconstruction surgery, and my VA doc wants me to shove an enema hose in my goesoutz hole, so they can then stick a needle in my gut, to do a biopsy of my prostate. Um, no thank you?? All due to the results of one of the worst blood tests in existence (the PSA, which even the Mayo Clinic describes as "less than 50% accurate"!!). The same test that, when it first came out, caused an enormous number of men to be sent to surgeons, for prostate cancer surgery, when they ACTUALLY NEVER HAD PROSTATE CANCER. The same results I've had for the past 10 years, and that my previous doc wasn't too awfully worried about.

    Yeah, think I'll pass on that one. There's a urine test, in final human testing stage right now, that's up to 90% accurate. I like those odds a LOT better! :rolleyes:
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  15. HK_User

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    Yep, did a Poop, pack & ship cancer check with Cologuard for the colon a few years back and it came back positive. Doc had been after me to get the "in depth" (pun) scope so out of respect for the Doc and piece of mind for the Wife we dove in and did it. Simple and easier with the new pills and I came out with a perfect mark from the Scope Doc as a "exceptional preparation" which simply meant I was super clean so he could do his job and the polyps that were there 10 years ago are now gone and absolutely no cancer!
    Always get a second opinion.
    Stay safe out there it is a mean world.
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  16. snake6264

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    Nice job and a great win
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