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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by BTPost, Jun 9, 2015.

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    Had an interesting conversation, with a Newspaper Reporterette this afternoon..... Not one of your "Talking Heads" but a "Typing Head" covering a local Story about an FFL being sued by the Family of a Murdered Person, for selling a FireArm to the Perp, who later went kind of "Nuts" and committed the Crime. He was convicted, and is serving Life in prison. In her Story, she was quoting Testimony from a witness, that saw the Perp, buy "500 Rounds of Ammunition, a Large Caliber Magazine, and a HackSaw....) all this for the Murder Weapon, a Ruger 10/22 SemiAuto Rifle with a .22LR chambering.... I read that Story, and wondered if this "BABE" was Blond.... so I sent off an email Message to her, and her Editor, ( a Pompous A$$, if ever there was one) and asked, "What the heck is a "Large Caliber Magazine" when referenced to a Ruger 10/22 Rifle that shoots .22LR Cartridges, which is a Small Caliber Round?"
    I got a real nice answer from her.... "Whoops, must have been a TYPO, it was supposed to be "Large Capacity Magazine" and it got messed up somewhere in the Typesetting." Yea, Right... Just another "Typing Head" that is writing about things she has absolutely NO Understanding of, and for her Editor NOT to have caught it, is inexcusable...
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    They live and breed.
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    Why bother with facts when one can play on emotions ?
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    You nailed it @NotSoSneaky .

    Well done @BTPost for holding her little tootsies to the fire. We can only hope that the lesson will be remembered and not just cast aside in the future.
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    All firearms are evil black assault weapons of mass destruction just waiting to pounce on the innocent and unsuspecting. Ignorance has no limits--or limiting factors such as a knowledgable editor
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    This type of reporting breeds law suits like the one you mention. No one is personally responsible any more, it is always someone else that is responsible especially if they own a business or have deep pockets! The world is upside down!
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    I remember when Cadillac was sued by the family of a skateboarder who lost control and slammed into a legally parked 1960 Eldorado.

    He took one of those super-long tail fins in the head and died instantly.

    The skateboarder's family tried to hold the automaker liable for the "deadly design" and lost their case big-time.

    I guess that was then and now is thenless.
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    Was the FFL holder convicted? That should have been covered under the law that says if the activity is legal (such as selling a gun to a legally qualified person) then they are not liable for the actions of that person. If every bank robber or drunk that ever used a car and then the manufacturer and dealer were held liable...

    Of course that is why if you loan a car to someone who has a joint with them, YOU lose the car, but the rental agency does NOT lose the car. The rental company has deep pockets to fight this and paid off the politicos.
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    There are a whole SERIES of legal Cases where folks have tried to Sue Vehicle OEMs for "Faulty Designs" My Brother, (The Engineer) has made a very nice living, reconstructing Vehicle Accidents, gathering the Engineering Data for the Reconstructed Accident, and Testifying in these type Court Cases..... ALWAYS for the OEMs, and 90% of these cases FAIL, or are settled long before they ever get into a CourtRoom....

    On another NOTE: in the case against the FFL, he was Inspected by ATF, and had his FFL PULLED, for losing track of a whole bunch of Weapons, over a 30 Year Period. The Plaintive allege that much of those, were sold out the BackDoor, and OFF the Books. However there is NO EVIDENCE, that this was the case, for the Ruger 10/22, that was used in the crime. The guy is still Open for Business, but he can not sell and Weapons, out of his Inventory, unless he transfers them to another FFL, in town. I feel sorry for him, but His Record Keeping always did suck, and finally Bit him in the A$$....
    The case is Ongoing.... I will post the results when it is adjourned....
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    Darwinism in action.
  12. UncleMorgan

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    Yes. One tiny little mistake and he was fin-ished.

    (Ow! Pun-pain.)
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    I'd guess you meant understanding of.
    Typos happen.
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    Dang Spellchecker... it is always doing things that my fingers didn't want....
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    Yep, dam thank kant spel wherewulf, neether.;)
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    There has been endless "we need to ban guns" (most seem to be because stupid people have them) and "ban the Constitution/Rights" in the papers lately. Apparently facts are not to be used (none are, otherwise cars - LEADING cause of death for 1-35 year olds outside of cancer/birth defects - and here I am guessing that means being born to demonrats - yes, that is spelled correctly, Why? Also bathtubs/bikes/fire would be banned to "save lives"). Emotions are not to be used (other than "Texas is weird" used at least three times in one tirade), and coherence is optional. Hmmm.... wonder what Obum has in store for us now?
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