Haix airpower jungle boots.

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    I had a fish farm next to the Everglades so needless to say I was wet all of the time and still am here in the jungle.
    Guys. I've owned every boot and water shoe known to man until one day I met a National Park Nazi wearing these.
    They are slipper comfortable out of the box and real light.
    I've even swam in them ( accidently) and dried them out in only an hour or so.
    In my work I could slap wear out a pair of Vasque GTX, or any other boot, in less than six months.I HATED all rubber boots.
    These things are going on 4 years and are as new,since I don't have asphalt to wear the soles out.
    The bad news is they are over $220. You get what you pay for !
    Offizielle HAIX Herstellerseite
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    I have a pair of their boot's and even a pair of their shoe's, excellent, comfortable as you said out of the box. I drove to the factory outlet shop in Mainburg Germany to get mine, lovely people, measured my feet, guess what I'm a size larger than I'd been buying:rolleyes:. Spend €300+ bought two pairs of their socks and spare laces and polish, all told an expensive day out, but well worth it.

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    haix airpower jungle - clearance

    Hey all..

    I want to the Haix website to check out the boots from this thread.. unfortunately, the boots are on clearance and not in my size.. but for others, they may have your size, and they are currently $99.. seems like a great deal.
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    I am the Naysayer...

    But, I don't like seeing "Goretex" and "Jungle" in the same sentence. I've been in many different climates around the world and Goretex just isn't needed for most. I prefer quicker drying non-lined boots. Takes a bit more to break them in, but well worth the effort. Put me at 10,000 feet with crampons and bad weather.... then Goretex has a place.

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