Ham Radio - An Elmers Guide

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    Hanzo, I used a smartphone app (free) and study test questions when I have time, like a waiting room or on a plane. It is simple, free, and is with me at all times. If I miss a question, it will keep drilling me on it until I am flawless.
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    You're right, as far as the technical advantage Morse enjoys over analog voice.

    I'm an old-law Extra myself, and I had to admit that time and technology have changed so that Morse isn't king anymore. The only time we can enjoy the advantages of Morse is when there are two stations ready and willing to use it during a disaster, and since it's not required for the license anymore, there's no guarantee that another operator will be available.

    I miss the old days, but I had to admit that voice is the "one size fits every volunteer" mode, and when we're trying to set up networks that any ham can use, Morse doesn't measure up anymore.

    Nothing lasts forever.

    William Warren
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    William Warren,
    I enjoy CW and DX for fun. Although I have mikes, I've only used them a couple of times. I can still make contacts all over the world; so it is still available. It is a fun sport and I really wouldn't consider it for emergencies. I'd head to the local repeater and see if I could help.

    I was involved with ARES and RACES. We operated from the CD bunker on phone, RTTY and CW. Although we were HF capable; the usual voice was on VHF. The club had 2 repeaters and would link them; however, neither of the repeaters were hardened. In an emergency phone would be the best mode.

    Back to the topic of OPSEC. if and when a situation would occur where OPSEC would be required; my radios would gather dust.
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    Not gathering dust, but monitoring as much as possible... That is the OpSec Rule... Always listening, but not doing much in the way of Emitting....
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