ham radio "Field Day" is Saturday Jun 25

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Idahoser, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Idahoser

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    If you've ever had any interest, or think you might have an interest, in ham radio, then tomorrow is the time to find out something about it. Hams all over the world will be participating in "Field Day", an annual event that brings out everybody for several purposes- to test the ability set up 'in the field' during emergencies, being the most important one. However clubs also generally have special stations where YOU can "Get On The Air" (GOTA) yourself with the help of a control operator.

    You don't have to know anything about ham radio to enjoy a Field Day event. They might even feed you.

    arrl.org is the website for America's premiere ham radio club, and you can find more there. You will certainly have some club in your area holding this event. Your local media may also have info.

    Go see some of what ham radio has to offer!
  2. ghrit

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    Will you be on the air? There are a couple hams (not me, unfortunately, back in the day, other things kept me busy) on this site that might swap QSL cards with you. What freq?

    That said, I'll be out and about, might find a club with a GOTA operating.
  3. Hispeedal2

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    I wish I knew more about HAM. Getting a amateur license has been a goal of mine. It keeps getting put on the back burner.
  4. Idahoser

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    Well Al, come on out and get a few ideas to get you started. You don't need to know anything to come see it.

    You can spend a lot of money just like any hobby, but for me the attraction is learning stuff, fiddling with gadgets, etc. I don't have any special desire to "talk on the radio".

    And I don't have an HF setup yet, I keep meaning to... Got everything but the antenna, got the parts for the antenna, need to clean off the workbench and get it in the air.

    My club, W4EM, in Memphis will be on the air for Field Day, you may hear them, I think they'll be all over the bands.
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