Ham Radio Field Day - June 24/25, 2017

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    Talking of comms, I wanted to remind any interested Monkeys to find your local ham radio club and visit them at their Field Day setup this weekend.
    On display and in use will be examples of many of the antennas and radios we've discussed here. If you get there while they're setting up, you can see them use methods of antenna erection that you may not have thought of. They may have some expensive specialized towers and such, but they'll almost certainly also be using wire antennas hung from trees, etc. They may be doing voice, Morse Code, and digital modes across the RF spectrum, including satellites and perhaps even moonbounce.
    There is no better introduction to ham radio if you've ever considered it.
    They may even feed you!
    Look for your local club here and/or your local media. This listing depends on the local hams to keep it up, they may choose to put their efforts into their own websites etc. so don't just give up if you don't see anything local here.
    Field Day
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    The air launch gun is tested and works downright well; when I left there were three wires planned for in the trees. Portapotty coming tomorrow, big time activity starting Sat AM setting up the stations. We will have at least 5 hf setups, one digi only and possibly two more. There are directions already in the local fish wrappers and on the public air services. There will be a banner out front. (Now if Elmer can get the rotator working, we'll have a 40 meter yagi to swing around. Otherwise, it'll be aimed west.)

    For the curious, the formal field day activities are from 1400 EDT Sat to 1400 EDT Sunday. Informal has already started. Here. Hold my beer and watch this ---

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    We've been looking forward to this...one of our club members has even written a central networked logging program for his Raspberry Pi...just because he could :)

    We'll have at least three hf stations, possibly six, of which one will be digi and one cw.
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    I attended field days last year. It was a nice informative time. Everyone was nice and they were very hospitable. Sadly I still have not gotten my license but I think this is a great event for all to attend. It is great to listen to them talk and communicate around the country.
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    @Idahoser next year please give the staff a heads up and we will feature the thread. I think this is a great event for monkeys to go and see ham radios in action if they are curious and thinking of becoming a Ham.
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    well, thanks Mom. I really only did it because I didn't see it there already, you have some 'real' hams already here, I'm a poser.
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