Hamas Leader Says Group Misunderstood

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    Hamas Leader Says Group Misunderstood

    Feb 17, 6:56 PM (ET)


    ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) - The exiled political leader of Hamas said Friday the world has the wrong image of the Islamic militant group and he urged the international community to stop viewing it through the eyes of Israel.

    "We believe that most of the leaders in Europe, in the West, have ... a wrong image about Hamas, because this image doesn't reflect us. It reflects how some people, especially Israel, see Hamas," Khaled Mashaal told The Associated Press, surrounded by bodyguards on a commercial flight from Ankara to Istanbul.

    "We want the world, and especially the countries in the West, to understand us, to understand Hamas well, to understand the will of the Palestinian people, the national goals of Hamas and the Palestinian people."

    Hamas' parliamentary victory last month prompted U.S. and European Union threats to cut off massive aid to the Palestinians unless the group recognizes Israel and renounces violence. Hamas is responsible for scores of suicide attacks in Israel and has been designated a terrorist organization by the United States and many Western nations.

    Acting Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has ruled out talks with Hamas until it renounces violence, recognizes Israel's right to exist and accepts past agreements between Israel and the Palestinians.

    Hamas has given no indication it will change its ideology, but has said it would stick to a long-term cease-fire if Israel reciprocates.

    Mashaal said Friday the world needs to understand that Israeli occupation started the problem.

    "The first step is the occupation. So our people in Palestine are suffering. This suffering pushes our people in Palestine to defend themselves against the occupation and against the aggression of Israel," he said.

    "The international community must make pressure on Israel to recognize our right to get freedom, to fight against occupation, to have real peace, legitimacy on our ground," Mashaal said. "If the international community obliged Israel to do that, then they can come to us and ask us to take our step."

    Mashaal contended that the international community was pressuring Hamas because it was weak compared to Israel.

    "It is easy for those countries to make pressure on the weak side," argued Mashaal. "This is not justice. For this reason the Palestinian people refuse this pressure. It is hypocrisy."

    Mashaal said Hamas wants an end to occupation of Palestinian territories.

    "You can be sure that our feeling is peace and hope, good for all people in the world, but not any side that occupies our land or makes aggression on our people," said Mashaal. "No peace without our legitimate rights. No stability with occupation. No peace with occupation. This is our right."

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    Silly me, I appologize, I made a rash decision. I jumped to a conclusion that Hamas was full of terrorist because they recruit young palestinians that have no hope of a future to wear a belt of explosives and kill as many Isrealies as possible.
    I keep forgetting the the Muslim faith is a loving religion. Can't seem to get that one right. :eek:
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    When I think Hamas one word comes to mind.............napalm.
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    [bestpost] Good comeback! [applaud]
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    Sigline material but couldn't fit it all.
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