Hammerli (Sig Arms) Trailside .22 Pistol

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    The Hammerli Trailside .22 is made by Hammerli, imported by Sig in the early 2000's and is no longer available from Sig Sauer, but they sold it to Walther (X-Esse) who makes the exact same pistol (I have compared the two side-by-side) and it is identical except for the top rail being slightly shorter, which is no problem. Typical costs run from around $400 to $700 or more, but I got this baby barely used for a great deal at less than $400. The magazines are 10 round and made of a plastic composite, but sturdy and reliable. I am having a tough time locating additional magazines at a reasonable price. This is the only drawback I have so far.

    The pistol is really accurate. My range report from 20 yards is a pretty good indication of its capabilities, and that was free stance.

    It is easy to disassemble and clean with few parts. I did my research on various pistols of this caliber, and I like the Trailside above all others for several reasons, mostly the fact that it is a breeze to take apart and clean. You just reverse the screw in the barrel weight, cock back the slide and drop the trigger guard, then pull off the slide (up and to the rear) and that's it.

    The weight is approximately 30 ounces unloaded, that's light.

    Triggers are often a problem on standard .22's, but this one is high grade and adjustable.

    The sights are target grade and the rear sight is fully adjustable. It's actually quite impressive.

    The grips are comfortable and fit the hand well for a natural hold.

    The barrel weight is only a stock plastic part, to get the real weight you will have to purchase that separately. Mine ended up wiggling around even after I tightened the screw, so I fixed this permanently by taking the screw out and dribbling some JB weld into the back side where the screw touches to expand and hold the piece in place. It's now perfect because the screw hits the mark I created and expands the weight to tightly grip the rail of the gun. It's not going anywhere now.

    Check the pictures out (from the internet) and my own target below.
    DSCF1583.JPG sig. hammerli. P1050495.JPG
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    1234000 - Larry's Guns Inc. ..IS THIS WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR? I know you said reasonable price, what price range are you looking for? The Big gun show down here usually has some good vendors and prices. Let me know how much your willing to spend on them and I'll see if i can find you a dealer and give you their info. As long as they are within your price range :)
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    That's actually the best price I have seen so far. Thanks! I am willing to drop $35 per mag if I have to. I would *like* to spend no more than $25, but I can handle $35.
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    The last gun show was a few weeks ago so it will be a couple of months before it comes back. I'll keep my eyes open for ya and let you know if i can find em in the $25 range.
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