Hand American Full Sharpening set up - Unused / Excellent

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  1. Bear

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    Aloha Gang,

    Hand American full sharpening set up…

    All never used…


    3 Corian Magnetic bases
    SuperGrip Temporarily hold Abrasive paper to glass
    Silicon Carbide Honing Paste 6 micron 4000 grit
    Chromium Oxide .05 Micron Honing paste 60,000 Grit
    Silicon Carbide Honing pste 2.5 micron 9000 grit
    Black Diamond going paste 1.8 micron 11000 grit
    2 Honing leather pads - Large
    5 magnetic back felt pads
    3 leather magnetic pads
    1 glass plate magnetic
    10 - 9000 grit sheets
    10 - 4000 grit sheets
    10 - 60000 grit sheets 5 sheets hone film
    60 sheets PSA film
    20 sheets 2000 grit
    5 pink honing sheets
    5 green honing sheets
    5 grey honing sheets
    5 blue honing sheets

    Got well over $300 in this before shipping…

    $GONE plus $15 shipping Priority, Insure with tracking to the USA only…

    Thanks for taking a look…

    Have a great week!

    Take Care and God Bless,









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  2. KAS

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    If you already own 5 or more knife sharpeners you dont need this ... rite ??
    but thanks for the offer
  3. Bear

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    That would depend @KAS... certain folks, woodworkers, carvers and other people working in different mediums and professions.... are very meticulous about their edged tools and prefer a razor sharp polished edge for control, effectiveness, efficiency and safety... and this gives them a way to touch up and maintain or touch up their tools in a way that stones or other sharpeners will not... this also applies to others who also prefer this on their personal home tools...

    It's a professional and personal preference thing....

    That being said, "If you already own 5 or more knife sharpeners you dont need this ... rite ??"
    If that's the case for you and they do what you need... of course "you" don't need this....

    Each person decides what they need or want... hopefully based on a well researched and carefully thought out decision... and then finds the right tool within their given budgets to accomplish that...

    Your post reflects your question asked... and then your own conclusion....

    Good for you....

    Have a great day!

    Take Care and God Bless,

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