Flu Handwash kills bird flu bug in 30 seconds

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    0 April 2006
    Hope over £2.99 spray
    By Greig Box

    AN ORDINARY handwash costing just £2.99 can kill the bird flu virus in 30 seconds, tests have found.

    No-Germs, a simple hand spray, has been on sale over the counter for two years. But when the H5N1 avian flu outbreak gathered pace among birds, No-Germs owners decided to test it against the virus.

    The results, revealed yesterday, were remarkable - the handwash was more tha 99.8 per cent efficient in killing H5N1. The discovery has been heralded as a "major breakthrough" - particularly if the virus ever mutates into a human form.

    Sean Campbell, managing director of the British company behind the product, said: "We are very excited.

    "We tested the product against H5N1 on the off-chance. We were confident it would work as it kills most viruses, including hospital superbug MRSA.

    "The tests are incredibly thorough and took a few months.
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    Im safe then :D
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    Just a thought here which in and of itself is scary. They tested it on the current H5N1 flu strain. Given the fact flu strains alter exponetionally when they do start to find new hosts wouldn't that mitigate the possibility of it's effectiveness?
    Like I said I'm just thinking here. I agree anything is better than nothing but I also don't do blind faith that easily either.

    Take care Be safe Poacher.
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