Happy Birthday Melbo

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Quigley_Sharps

    Quigley_Sharps The Badministrator Administrator Founding Member

    You old (*(*&*&^& [aiw]
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  2. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Cleared another hurdle? Good on ya. From here on out the hurdles get higher, you might hint for the kids to get you some springshoes for Xmas.


    (PS, I'm taking Quig's word for it since the BD item on the main page doesn't say anything.)
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  3. RightHand

    RightHand Been There, Done That RIP 4/15/21 Moderator Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Hope it's a great one and forget what the others say, you're still just a pup!
  4. Sapper John

    Sapper John Analog Monkey in a Digital World

    Happy Birthday Melbo...Thanks for all that you and the other Monkeys have done for us.
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  5. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    Happy Birthday, hope it's a good one
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  6. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    Happy Birthday, Melbo. Thank you for everything you do and have done for this site and its members. May the Lord bless and keep you on this day of celebrating your entrance to the world. May He bless each day hereafter to be better than the one before. May He give you the wisdom to see the blessings he gives. Again, happy birthday!
  7. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    sdrager yppah ynam dna yadhtirb yppah
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  8. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    Thanks everyone.

    Having a quiet afternoon setting up my new array of monitors and doing my best to dent this case of Hefeweizen.
  9. snowbyrd

    snowbyrd Latet anguis in herba

    And here I thought you had stopped doing this..........
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  10. CraftyMofo

    CraftyMofo Monkey+++

    Happy Birthday, ccksckr!
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  11. mysterymet

    mysterymet Monkey+++

    Happy birthday. Remember getting older is better than the alternative...
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  12. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart Snow Monkey Moderator

    Well Congrats Melbo..... Just one more year closer to being an "Old Man".... and better not let those Senators know, what you do as a "Nite Job"....
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  13. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    Getting older or being a closet nerd and playing with computer gear all weekend?

    It actually is one of those 'milestone' bdays.
  14. VHestin

    VHestin Farm Chick

    Happy Birthday!
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  15. Gator 45/70

    Gator 45/70 Monkey+++

    Happy Birthday Mr. Melbo...!!!
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  16. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

    happy b-day dude
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  17. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    Many more, Old Friend! Knob Creek is also a fine bourbon; Salute!
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  18. dragonfly

    dragonfly Monkey+++

    Have a happy happy..and many many more!
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  19. weegrannymush

    weegrannymush Monkey+

    A very Happy Birthday to you, Melbo!
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  20. E.L.

    E.L. Moderator of Lead Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Happy Birthday Melbo!
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