Happy Birthday- Violent Felony Charges Dropped

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yard Dart, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Yard Dart

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    7-year-old Nabbed on Felony BB Gun Charges | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes

    The Department of Juvenile Justice and local officals are moron's!!
    At least the prosecutor or the Catawba County judge had an ounce of common sense!
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  2. fmhuff

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    Some people need to be fired and made an example of. The kid lacked judgement but hey he's seven years old. I'm getting to very much dislike this kind of people.
  3. kckndrgn

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    Right, and the parents stood up and took responsibility for everything!
  4. 9h0s7

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    The system is thirsty for criminals / revenue.
  5. NotSoSneaky

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    Never trust the .gov.

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  6. fedorthedog

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    But were here to help
  7. DKR

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    I take a slightly different view. The parent should have never left the 7 Y/O alone with just a "BB gun"

    Why? The most current of a long line of death by "just a BB gun".
    "A Florida boy who was accidentally shot in the head by his teen brother with a BB gun last week died Wednesday night from his injuries"

    Yes the parents stepped up, they had no real choice, they were directly responsible. Did the County over-react? Yes. But let's not overlook the fundamental issue - leaving a 7 Y/O alone with a dangerous piece of equipment was a failure on the part of the parents.

    Do a web search using 'child killed BB gun' you might be surprised at the number of hits that come up.

    Not just kiddos
    "Apr 23, 2013 – Calif. woman killed by boyfriend in bizarre BB gun accident"
  8. Mountainman

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    Are you kidding? Don't think so. I'd bet you that most people on here had BB guns at that age and real guns a couple/few years later with no problems. BB gun kills are few and far between, so take any internet search as BS propaganda because of the infrequency of it.
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  9. tulianr

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    I have to agree, with the caveat that some level of judgement and supervision should be utilized by the parents. I think that the number of people seriously injured or killed by a BB, compared to the total number of BBs fired by all BB gun owners, during any researched time frame, would be statistically insignificant. You'd probably have a better chance of being bitten by a rabid fox while mowing the lawn.

    My little one has had his own BB gun since he was four, and he does a great job with it, but restrictions have always been in place, and he lost it for several months once for exercising poor judgement in targets. He understands that it is a privilege, and that possession of it requires some responsibility. I probably put tighter controls on him than my own parents placed on me with my own BB gun so many years ago.

    The BB gun is an almost indispensable transition phase from toy guns to real guns. It's a first step in learning about the potential consequences of pulling a trigger.
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  10. Mountainman

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    The high powered pellet rifles out now are serious guns. Just ask the hundreds of dead ground squirrels that were on the property. We use 22's out in the open and pellet guns around the structures to cut down on ricochet hazard/damage. These guns are good to about 40 yards and if you wanted to take someone out a heart or temple shot with a pointed pellet should do it.

    These are not kids guns like the first Red Ryder you get or the Crosman 760 that you graduate to.
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  11. BTPost

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    BB Gun or better, These need to be used under parental supervision, and formal Weapons Training, done as a Family. None of my children had BB Guns as children. HOWEVER, ALL of my children were shooting, with supervision, since they were 4 years old. Both Momma, and I, made SURE that our children, were brought up with firearms, and were taught Firearms Safety, and Shooting Technique, throughout their childhood. Each child was given the Gun Catalog two months before their 12th Birthday, and were told that they could choose ANY Model of .22LR Rifle, and it would be part of the Birthday presents, from Momma, and I. By that time, they were well taught in FireArm Safety, and we NEVER had any issue, with any inappropriate Weapons handling or usage. When each reached Majority, (21 years of age) they were given the Gun Catalog, AGAIN, and part of their Majority Birthday Gift, was their choice of Handgun. Only one of them choose to do that, then, but all have since received their Handgun, from Momma and I. This is a family Tradition, that goes back in our families 4 Generations. I transferred a Browning A5 12 Ga. to my Son, when he came home for a visit in Feb, as well as a Marlin 99 Tube Feed .22LR SemiAuto, for his oldest Son, to learn with. He is 8 years old now, and he goes shooting with his Other GrandPa, who is a Firearms Instructor, with their local CopShop. When he turns 12, he can have his pick of .22LR Rifles, given to him by his Mother and my Son, and financed by the two GrandPa's, as will each of his Children. FireArms Safety is simply a matter of Good Parenting, and proper Parental Supervision, and Instruction.
    ..... This works for US... and YMMV.......
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  12. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    I agree that parents must be parents first, and kids need to be able to grow. Judgement must be learned from an early age to function well.
    I had BB guns, (still do) and we did get butt shot as kids, one kid nearly lost an eye, and there were consequences to our actions. I had my butt beat a few times, Lost a BB gun to the cops once, and never killed anything but varmints with it. (It is probably a good thing I did not have the good hunting type BB guns that are out now:rolleyes: , or they would have never gotten me back in the house in time for dinner or school.
    I was that problem child who always found a way around a rule. or pushed a boundary. My parents laugh about it now, but then? No.
    The command, "Stay out of the cookies, or you will get your butt beat." gave me a choice. How good were the cookies? was it worth the "cost"?;) many times, i had a belly full of cookies and a sore butt. Now had they just said NO, it would have worked out differently. My siblings, were always better about following the rules, i was always better at bending them.
    But even as this willful child I was( am) we never shot each other in places that were designed to injure someone. (face, neck, chest) it was always butt or leg shots. Paintball didn't exist yet!:rolleyes:(the eye incident was a ricochet/ bounce from the D cell batteries were using for targets)
    We had no knee pads, elbow pads, helmets or gloves when we rode our bikes. (I crashed alot. Boys build bikes, and ramps, neither well.) We never used seat belts, booster chairs, and I have slept in the rear window shelf on trips. Judging by today's standards, it is a wonder I lived to adulthood.
    But kids need to be kids, and adults need to guide them. Not bubblewrap them, but guide them. They must learn there is a reaction for every action, and a cost for every choice. This is the basis of reason. This is how they learn to learn. It is our job, to fret, pick them up, dust them off, bandage their hurts, explain what went wrong, and let them try again, even though we don't want to let them get hurt again. I have scars from my choices, and some of the best memories of my life.:cool:
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  13. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    All it takes is one incident of any kind to set the libs in motion to ban it, regardless of statistical significance.

    But these parents are right, the kid was wrong, and the laws misapplied by dot gov. Situation sucks. "Zero tolerance" has to be replaced with wisdom and judgement. Where is Solomon when you need him?
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  14. DarkLight

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    "If we can save even ONE LIFE!"

  15. Brokor

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    This is perhaps another main reason I abstain from being a parent. If something like this happened to me and my child...oh, man. Let's just say there would be a lot of smoke in the sky and plenty of "unemployed" government workers. This is absolute insanity.
  16. DarkLight

    DarkLight Live Long and Prosper - On Hiatus

    But just think, you could be contributing to a minor delinquent... :)
  17. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart,Deadman Walking, Snow Monkey Moderator

    Parenting is NOT for everyone, unfortunately getting Pregnant doesn't require you, to be one of those that can do the job properly.... It is a rare person, that can understand that issue.... and apply it in their life...
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  18. natshare

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    The biggest problem, whenever you give a child "just a BB gun", is if you fail to make them realize the responsibility in owning and using one. Good firearms training can begin with ANY type of gun, even a cap gun, at an early age. A friend of mine recently gave his 7 year old son one of those toy guns that shoots plastic pellets (don't remember the brand name for them), and told him that he'd better not ever see him mishandling it, or not practising safe firearms habits with it, or he'd have it taken away, likely for good.
    Teach a kid to treat EVERY gun, even a toy gun, like it's the real thing, and you'll teach them to have good habits when they DO carry the real thing!
  19. -06

    -06 Monkey+++

    As ours were coming up they were taught never to point at anyone with anything. They all got firearms at 12 w/very limited usage. 14 and a bit more freedom. My gal squirrel hunted with her SKS Sporter and shot them in the head (she used a 22 mostly).
  20. Jaybird

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    I realized my son had caught on to firearm safety when he asked me about a soldering gun one day. He picked it up off the bench and the entire time he held to point toward the ceiling and away from anyone around. I didn't see a point in telling him that wasn't necessary. It was a gun, he was handling it properly.
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