Happy Fathers Day...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Witch Doctor 01, Jun 19, 2016.

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    or as the case might be...

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    My Pop is the original prepper. Way before it was cool. Now I'm stumbling through it. :D
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    The family is taking me to breakfast.... this day is looking better already. :)
    Now if I can squeeze in no chores, a nap and some BBQ.... it will be a perfect day!!
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    Wife made me homemade omelet, sausage and Oregon Juice.
    Wife let me sleep until 9am when I finally woke up.
    Meeting everyone at a large BBQ at the Ranch later today. Ribs and Flat Iron Steak.
    Beer and lots of good stuff. My kids will be there too.
    Going to take the new CZ 527 out for a spin why there.
    Life is good. I am glad it will be a busy day wife lost her dad only 2 months ago,
    so having a very busy day with lots of people is good, shes been down last few days,
    but is excited about today so yes this will be a good day.

    And to all you dads happy fathers day, if you are a young dad. YES even if you spend allot of
    time with them they grow up way to fast. Take the time you have to spend now. I'm lucky still see and talk with my
    kids often, oldest is married and calls me once a week or we see him, youngest is at home does allot of local volunteer work
    at a local Alzheimer Facility and studies guess I didn't do too bad hes only 21 and has spend the last 3 years volunteering taking them places and spending time, think as dads we all want strong girls and boys that grow up respectful and are good people. I think I did ok.
    My kids are nice people, strong willed and trust very few others but are helpful and good people.

    Heres to all the Dads who do there best, I guess thats what we get to do is try our best keep fingers crossed and pray even more.
  6. kellory

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    Just heard feom both of mine.my EMT Daughter is getting ready for her wedding next month, (to a military man) and my son is waiting for a plane to his next certification in wildfire fighting. (Chainsaws and helicopters this time).
    Proud of them both. (He is planning to pop the question to his military bride as well. ) we dun gud.
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    Washed the Truck, 5th wheel, Daughter called to wish me a happy father's Day, rubbed down the ribs with Worcestershire and coated with Grub Rub before Food Saver bagging and putting into the refrigerator, culled the beets in the garden (cooked and ate them), watching baseball, had a mustard dog for lunch, can't wait to get the ribs on the Traeger...
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    Happy Fathers Day
    Out in the coastal marsh land sending oil and gas North!!!
    Forgot to add, Cooking shrimp for supper!
  9. Motomom34

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    I got to spend time on the phone with my Dad. It was a fun telling him the latest antics of his grandchildren and the adventures of me. Dad is a happy person who goes through life with a smile and laughing and I know he was truly happy when we hung up.
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    Well, all my children checked in, and AlaskaChick as well... I am a satisfied Camper, tonight...
  11. Minuteman

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    It's hard being so far away from my girls. We don't do cards or gifts, it takes too long for them to find me. But they always post something on facebook. This was from my middle daughter. Better than any material gift! Made my day!

    I love you because:
    You are a cool biker dude.
    You gave me 2 beautiful sisters and a handsome brother.
    You are cool.
    You gave me another wonderful mom.
    You are the strongest person I know.
    You are a hard worker.
    You are successful.
    You are goofy.
    You are super smart.
    You are brave.
    And, because your an amazing dad.
    Happy Fathers Day
  12. Tully Mars

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    I sat around in a beanbag chair nekkid eating Cheetos all day...
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    Okay, so I'm slow in getting this posted. Time flies when you get old...er.

    We had fun on Father's Day, which my father insisted on calling "Fat-Heads Day", but not always as planned. The plan was kayaks with a 1000 departure time. That was a mess on both ends of town, since my kayak was in the Jeep and I couldn't get the tailgate glass down, and #1 Son had to wait til 1000 to get into his storage unit.

    So we started out late, and it had gotten windy. Kayak launch in the campground didn't look very friendly to low-in-the-water paddlers. We had left both 4x4 vehicles at home and threw the kayaks in the van. So I'm still thinking like a Michigan Jeep driver, and I see a hill that is in the direction I have in mind. Only a little stump in the middle of the trail....

    Turns out the little stump was an absolutely perfect fit between the two sides of the transmission cross member. So here we are stuck, half way up a steep dirt hill, unable to go forward or back. The poor guy at the boat launch looked a little pale when I broke out the jack, but I've dropped plenty of cars off jacks before. This one would be intentionally. Transmission in park, jacking at the front of the rear axle on the passenger side. Gravity and Archimedes are my buddies, and together we had the van free in no time, stowed the jack and headed inland for calmer waters.

    We paddled a little less than two miles, turning around at a duck blind that was well out into the river. I gave #1 Son some grief for dropping an apple core over the side, even though I'm sure the gulls would be on it as soon as we were on our way. I explained the benefits of eating the entire apple, including the core, and must have put a guilt trip on him. He decided that to make up for the apple core he would recover a great big construction barrel that had blown into the river. Big orange and white monster, but it weighs almost nothing without the truck tire weight at the bottom. Looked funny strapped to the front of his kayak, but he did his bit to keep the river clean. So I had an orange and white reflective construction site barrel in the back of the van.

    On the drive home I intentionally drove through a construction area where there were other such barrels and we stopped and deposited this one behind a barricade where it isn't likely to blow away again, and can be put back into service.

    After a morning like that I was thinking a beer and a nap sounded pretty good, but I got neither til later in the evening. A great day. Great kid. Big fun!

    Hope you all made some memories as well.
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