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    It's a strange day, I suppose, to think of one's blessings...but, I have never been one to let tradition stand in the way of what I want or when I want to do it.From one street urchin that made it, thank you God, thank you, for having my back. Know that I've got yours...

    Valentines Day 2016
    Dear Diary, What a pleasing day…
    Went to Black Sheep and was given a metal ammo box for some previous purchases and damn if they didn’t give me another one when I purchased another 600 rounds 5.56.

    Wife finished church and met me at a local Pub in town. I bought her medical supplies for her med kit instead of roses at $10 per and she was tickled pink. What an amazing woman (note to self: you will buy roses when cheaper). We stopped and had Hefeweizen beers and fries… What? $40?!?!?! Robbery! But, a damn good gaggle nevertheless…okay.

    Snow is finally melting. Weather warming, 43F… Local deer love the wife, they damn well should for what it costs me to feed them…follow her around like pets…wife hates the local turkeys. I am delighted! Bought her a slingshot and have a grand laugh when she runs outside shooting and loudly swearing at these big birds. I find the whole damn thing so funny! Makes her hopelessly angry to hear me laughing…I get an ear full! Oh, well life can be so precious at times!…

    Drinking my favorite malt Scotch whisky and listening to Irish music… Ahhhh…peace.

    I would never trade a minute of the life I have lived which was full of deprivation, fear, hard work and bad luck…but I won in the end. For I have the only things now that I ever wanted in life – peace and a person that I love and respect and who loves me, for who I am, and who is my best friend…and a damn fine cook! It was worth it all.
    Life on Valentine’s Day, 2016, our first in the states in 39 years!

    I attach a few photos…out our back door... Rick

    My buddy Barsik, picked him up in Af’stan, airborne qualified, tours in Uzbekistan and a few others, standing vigilant guard out our back door

    U do understand U have to pay for that.
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    a few more...


    Dinner time.JPG
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    An airborne qualified cat standing vigilant guard out our back door.....nothing fiercer!!!! ;)
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    We feed the deer. :) In the winter they eat about 100# of corn a month.
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    What a beautiful place @RickR. I love the guard cats. Nice that you gave your wife a gift she wanted and could use. She looks like a lovely person.
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    @Yard Dart Sir! Do you doubt his qualification!!?!?!? :) I can assure when he fell...er, glup...exited the third-floor building he performed a perfect 5-point landing. An example to us all...:):) I tried parachuting LOL!!! I paid for instruction and 5 jumps at the Canadian base in Lahr, Germany (I think it was Lahr) years ago. I managed to jump twice, the second time was more frightening than the first! I packed up my things and went home - no more of that! Anyone who does that is not all there in my book! :):)

    @Motomom34 My wife is a lovely person and the best thing that ever happened to me. We have been together for 12 years and married 10. My only regret is that I didn't meet her sooner so we could spend 100 years together. Yes, my guard cats...vicious beasts. You should see the other one, looks like Garfield and sure acts like him. LOL! :):)
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    @Tikka We honestly didn't have a choice! :) It was either feed them or they would eat all the flowers...they ate most anyway. :):) But, now it is sort of a hobby that we enjoy but next year all the flowers are going inside the garden which has a fence around it...as if that would keep them out if they got hungry LOL! :):) - Rick
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    I was an Army Paratrooper for eleven years........ you are correct. [YD]
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    I can remember when I was a child, having been told that cats always land on their feet, no matter how high they are thrown. Nobody bothered to tell me that if you threw them off a high cliff, it would break their legs and kill them. That was a terrible lesson learned and I do not believe my sister has forgiven me to this day for talking her into using Precious for the experiment.
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    Pretty much it wasn't a choice here either. It is fun to watch them. I buy corn and a salt block at Tractor Supply. It took the deer a while to figure out just what that white block was.
    We've learned the clear glycerin bar soap with citrus scents keep them out of the flowers. At least here it works, YMMV.

    This is the front yard.
    They like what we call June apples; too bitter for us.

    The backyard which is fenced now to keep the Pitts from chasing the deer.
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