Has any one use Muscle Milk powder as a prep item

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by hank2222, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. hank2222

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    Do anyone use Muscle Mllk diff flavored powders as a basic daily prep as a prep item to drink along with meal that you fixed ..
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    I've thought about it, but never tried it. I always figured that I'd use the company health-care bene card to buy a ton of Ensure if I knew SHTF was immenent, but now you have to have a doctor's perscription to get OTC stuff on the card. :(

    Maybe muscle milk is better? I'm sure it would have a tone more protein than Ensure.
  3. Avarice

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    Muscle Milk isn't a bad thing to have in food storage. It's good for energy, on the go type stuff, and you'll get a daily dose of protein. You really only need water to mix it. It has a lot of sugar though.
  4. farlee

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    I would think a mass gainer protein powder would be better. Some proteins help you cut, while others help you gain size.

    For example, one protein I currently have is ~100 calories for one scoop, while the mass gainer protein is ~190 using the same size scoop.

    Keep in mind, there are several different types of proteins.
  5. Alpha Dog

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    I have a couple of cases of the protein bars in my stock they last for ever not the best tasting but not as bad as one would think. Alot of time through out the year Rite-Aid will update the stock and you can get them 2 for a dollar or a dollar each. Most of the time they are from $2.00 to $4.00 regular.
  6. hank2222

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    My friends have turned me on to muscle milk because of she is a border line diabetic like me and she use as a add on to the meal program she on ..

    When i have add to my pre breakfast meal when i get up and go nd do my basic 30 min walking workout and 30 mins on the bike .I have the muscle milk powder drink in a 28.oz sized drink cup and i drink that down during the drive into town ..

    I have not had any hungry page's and now eatting small meal instead of trying to eat everything in site when i had not eat something before my workout ..

    Plus my sugar level has been steady number all month after my friend has introduce me to the product ..
  7. E.L.

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    I always have a bunch of whey and boxes of protein bars on hand. Whey is the fastest absorbing protein known to man. The protein bars I eat are better than Snickers or almost any bars you can find. The Collassal 100 Apple Crisp or peanut butter pretzel or two of the best tasting bars you will find. In addition the "Oh Yeah" bars and the "Supreme Protein Cookie Crunch" are as good as any bar cand or protein you can find. My preps include a lot of the above. Good stuff!
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  8. Alpha Dog

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    I cant think of the name but I agree I found some that was peanut butter and another that was like the nature bars. They are very good and I grab one in the morning holds me to lunch.
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    What i have been doing every morning since i came home is getting up and putting two scoops of the muscle milk powder into a 32.oz sized water bottle filling it up to 25.oz of cold water and shaking it up ..

    Then on my drive into town i will drink it the water bottle filled with the muscle milk drink mix before i go and work out at the gym ..My sugar level has been staying steady at the 100 mark when i drinking muscle milk and i have droped down to 250 pds from 285 pd from before ..

    Even through i go out after the workout and have a breakfast my wieght has been droping off me now ..

    So maybe some of the thing's i have been hearing about it beening a great product for people like me to get all the vitaims and other thing's that our body needs
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  11. Avarice

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    If you wanted to get the perfect powdered meal for SHTF, there are better options than Muscle Milk. MM is loaded with stuff to build muscles, while they make ones better suited to being more like a complete meal. MM would be fine if that's all you had.

    Assuming we're not trying to pack on muscle. Some vigorous exercise and hard work doesn't require 1 gram of protein per body pound. I suggest something with some fiber to help things move, and plant protein. Try different ones before you buy bulk. I've had tons that I wouldn't eat if I was starving, they went right in the trash.

    LifeTime® / Nutritional Specialties, Inc. - Certified Organic 4 Blend
    This is the one I prefer. The omega oils are going to keep you in good health, it tastes great with water, and you can make it as thick or smooth as you like. I'd still suggest a multivitamin, but that really depends on your level of preparedness food wise.
  12. hank2222

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    Here is my basic morning drink i make with the Muscle Milk

    Start with the following items

    all this goes into the blender to make the morning drive drink before i go to do my workout

    -1-scoop of muscle milk flavored powder
    -1-8.oz of 1.percent milk
    -1-5.oz of water
    -2-scoop of plain yogart
    -1-cut up banana
    -2-cut up strawberry

    mix well in a small blender into smooth and creamy and pour into the travel cup ..
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