Has the UN started it's move?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Witch Doctor 01, Jul 11, 2011.

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    United Nations | Humberto Leal Garcia, Jr. | Execution | The Daily Caller

    Interesting after the case is closed and years later a child rapist claims that he was denied access to the tyheMexican Consulate... the UN says it's a breach of international law after Texas executes him....

    personally Stupidity does not raise itself to the level of UN sanctions.... he should have contacted them earlier during his trial... apparently he never asked until many years later when he tried to have the sentence over turned....
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    He admitted his Crime, and said he was 'Sorry"..... So I suspect it was his Bleeding Heart Lawyers, trying to do THEIR Liberal Thing, that brought this up in the FIRST Place, and the Bleeding Heart UN just piled on. Since it was NOT a Federal Crime, Lord Obumer had no say, or he would have done something, himself... As far as I am concerned, He got what was coming to him.... and it should apply to any other Illegal who commits a Capital Offense, and is convicted, Period. YMMV...
  3. Seawolf1090

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    As long as he could keep the appeals going, he was a meal ticket for the State-supplied Legal Beagle 'defending' him. That ticket just got cancelled......

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    I've been on a 'Dragnet' old-time radio show listening kick lately (you can hear them for free on itunes podcast list). As anybody who has listened to the show or watched the TV version, the stories are all based on true cases. At the end of the show, you would find out when the perp was convicted and their punishment. In the shows where a death penalty was earned by a murderer, you would hear results like "So and so was convicted of murder in LA court in 1949. So and so was executed in the electric chair at San Quentin in 1951".

    They were not screwing around with criminals back then like we do now. This whole rigamorole by Liberal lawyers and judges taking multiple decades to execute the obviously guilty is just a scam to keep them in money. Like Seawolf said, its a meal ticket for ACLU types too incompetent to practice honest law on their own. Then, while we overload the prisons with criminals, these same types scream and bemoan that the "US has more people in prison than China" and other similar nonsense about how we should let them out.

    (Somewhere Detective Joe Friday is spinning in his grave on how we handle 'justice' nowadays)
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  5. Witch Doctor 01

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  6. Ivan

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    so you would all be fine with it if you or a loved one got arrested in mexico and were tried and sentenced with no access to the american consulate to ask for help? even to the point of execution?
  7. Witch Doctor 01

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    Ivan you missed the point... he did not request his access to the consoulate until several years after the trial... in a move to over throw his case on a technicality....
  8. jasonl6

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    If they killed someone and admitted to it, yep i'd be ok with it. Murder is murder regardless if you talked to someone about it or not.

  9. ghrit

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    Gotta agree with Jason. Ignorance of the right to access a consulate is not an excuse for prolonging the appeals process and in no way reduces culpability. (And anyone that goes abroad without being aware of that right is just plain too stupid to be allowed to go abroad.)
  10. Ivan

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    he should have been have been informed of that right in the same way that you get informed you have a right to a lawer, or the right to remain silent. if he had been informed earlier then 7 years in, he wouldnt have waited that long and there would be no delay.

    besides, how convenient it for our legal system to let him have access is irrelevant. the united states is party to treaties requiring that access to their consulate be given to any foreign national accused of a crime.

    and thirdly, its not as though giving him access to the consulate means he would walk free. mexico would probably just push for a life sentence instead, and texas would almost surely decline.
  11. Hispeedal2

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    So what's your point? We all agree the dick is guilty. We all agree that TX would push for the death sentence anyways. We all agree that it wouldn't have changed the outcome one iota.

    Adding any sort of drama at this point is just prolonging the inevitable. Especially considering how heinous the crime. Its time to get on with it.

    If it were my relative that did such a heinous crime, I would likely pull the switch. That is one sick, twisted individual that has no right to live in any society. If you were Mexican, would you want him back? Hell no. Especially if you already have your hands full.

    Would Mexico hold US citizens without letting them talk to the consulate? I can tell you it happened all the time when I was stationed on the border and Mexico wasn't so complicated to visit. And those accused were never accused of anything near as bad as this guy.
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  12. UGRev

    UGRev Get on with it!

    I'll sum up his argument.. "It's for the children..."..
  13. Ivan

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    screw that.

    its for the rule of law and a common courtesy between nations over the other system where the one with the biggest stick makes the rules and we occasionally spend several million lives measuring the damn things.
  14. IceNiner

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    There is no 'common courtesy' between the US and Mexico. Not one little shred of it. This is not some case of only vague circumstantial evidence. The perp bragged about doing this act to his brother when he got home and confessed in court, it wasn't like LEO beat a confession out of him. This is purely some last minute ditch by a johnny come-lately liberal who goes around trying to keep a horrible person from getting just what he deserves and was agreed upon by a judge and a jury. He's not some political prisoner on trumped up charges. If Mexico and the UN feel a little less friendly about us, who foot the bill for the majority of UN expenses and Mexico's economy, I'm not losing any sleep over it.
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  15. UGRev

    UGRev Get on with it!

    my sarcasm was heavy, I understand that. My point was that your argument was as left leaning as you can get.. but that's my opinion. If you take offense to it, then you're just looking for something to get mad at.
  16. VisuTrac

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    Well, isn't this a fine kettle of fish.

    One International Treatises signed by a vast majorities of nations.
    One dead girl
    One dead self-admitted murder
    One sovereign state
    One really pissed off international neighbor.
    and the bone heads with the doinky blue flag.

    what i see is that what ever his name was , 'should' have been informed that he could contact the embassy for help/assistance. (part of the treaty) but his legal representation was lacking (or shudder blocked )

    the fed gov't attempted to have the sovereign state reconsider

    the sovereign state said, 'go suck eggs we weren't a signatory to that treaty it's our business now go away.'

    Does Mexico and the UN have a right to be pissed off. Yep
    Was the dead guy's rights under the treaty signed by the US federal govt violated? Probably
    Am I glad I'm not a Texan planning on visiting Mexico anytime soon? You bet our bippy I am.
    Is this going to cause big problems for US Citizens in the future? I'm calling vegas now to get the odds but I wouldn't bet against it.

    Hell, the US puts it's own citizen on a 'death list' without providing them due process of law. Do you think they really care about a foreign national that was found guilty in an american court and got euphanized? Probably not.

    It's just another day in the police state we like to call the 'United States of Amerika' Salute!

    Back to your regularly schedule 'Monkey Bizness!'
  17. Hispeedal2

    Hispeedal2 Nay Sayer

    You guys are missing some serious points in this discussion. Like the fact that the same UN that you guys are taking up for has stepped over more genocide victims to "ensure sovereignty of all parties involved to come to a peaceful solution."

    Wake up. The UN has no moral high ground in this fight. Mexico uses US sovereignty like a door mat. How well has that whole border thing been going? We are talking about a country so corrupt that they let prisoners go in order to assassinate a rival drug cartel. Is that "respecting American's rights?" 19% of felons in the US right now are illegal aliens. 19%! Are you kidding? The difference is now, we reversed this role a bit for a convicted and admitted child rapist/murderer. Guess what? Leal isn't the first that has been put to death without consular rights either? Has that stopped anyone from visiting Cancun? No.

    Anyone know how long Leal was in this country prior to the murder? Was he here for a 2-week vacation or was he here since 1975. He was in the country for 21 years before he was arrested. He couldn't possibly have remembered Mexico, much less have a citizen right to a country he lived in for 2 years about 20 years before he was arrested. The thought is ridiculous.

    Was this his first rape? No. It was not. He had committed another sexual assault 2 weeks prior to the murder. Again it was a teenager involved.

    Maybe the details are little sketchy on a murder that happened nearly 15 years ago. Here are the details from the case:
    It seems deserved to me.

    The procedural history:
    There was more than enough time for a consular visit. Waiting until you are about to bite the bullet is just prolonging the already prolonged inevitable conclusion for a monster.
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  18. ghrit

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    Say what you will about lawyers, in this case the defense did everything it could for their client, exactly as they are supposed to do. The sad part is you know who paid their bill as well as the three hots and a cot for all those years.
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  19. wags_01

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    True enough. That is exactly their job, and their designated role in the legal system. Every person has the right to legal defense, no matter how despicable their alleged crime.
  20. IceNiner

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    Its a damn shame though that all these lawyers put all this effort into saving monsters while people who face jail/prison for having the audacity to grow some vegetables in garden boxes on their own property are left to the tender mercies of the little tyrants in government. The same goes for citizens who dare to have a camera while viewing a police stop. Another one of these hardworking lawyers recently got a murderer-rapist's death penalties overturned by the 9th circuit court on a technicality:

    Anthony Martinez Murder: Court Overturns Death Sentence for Serial Child Killer, Joseph Edward Duncan - ktla.com

    This guy Duncan, after hearing this, was walking out of court smirking, just about to burst out into full laughter over how dumb we are in handling him.

    This Legion of lawyers, spending day in and day out poring over law books trying to get these monsters off the hook on this or that technicality! These lawyers would be happy to let Charles Manson or Richard Ramirez out on some technicality while the real outrages of law abuse against decent people go unchallenged. Its like a much less funny version of the madness of Wonderland.
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